Family concedes to next-door display with 'Ditto' and arrow in lights

WESTLAND, Mich. — A suburban Detroit family is conceding that it can't match the neighbors' holiday display.

The Detroit News reports that Jami Kelly used plywood and a few strings of white lights to form the word "Ditto" with an arrow pointing toward the home next door in Westland.

The 34-year-old says her family started doing its own light display but realized that the creation couldn't compare. She says: "Nothing measures up."

Kelly's neighbors have an elaborate display, including reindeer, a large snow globe and a huge bear on the roof. Kelly says she got the idea for her own display online.

Ones, zeroes stolen off addresses on homes are returned

PHILADELPHIA — Scores of ones and zeroes stolen from addresses mounted on the homes of Philadelphia residents have been returned.

The news website Billy Penn reports that a white trash bag containing 83 metal address markers was left Monday night at the east Kensington home of Meghan Haley.

Haley earlier released surveillance footage of a man and woman going around the neighborhood in September ripping zeroes and ones off the front of homes.

She says she doesn't know whether the bag containing 56 ones and 27 zeroes was returned by the thieves or by a good Samaritan who found the numbers.


But then, she and other neighbors don't know why the numbers were taken — though they suspected that it may have been for some kind of art installation.

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