Tram joyride motive: It seemed like a good idea at the time

VIENNA — Vienna public transit authorities have found the man who went for a joyride with a Vienna street car. But they still don't know why.

The Vienna Lines transport authority says the culprit is a former employee who was dismissed some time ago. And police spokeswoman Irina Steirer says the 36-year-old has confessed to nabbing the tram.

But Steirer said Monday the suspect has given no motive other than acting on impulse.

The former trolley driver was apprehended Sunday, a day after unlocking the empty tram's door while the driver was making a rest-room stop, and then apparently sprinting away once transit officials brought the tram to a halt after less than two stops by turning off the electricity.


The man is not being identified due to Austrian confidentiality laws.

Greeley mayor booted from game after protesting a call

GREELEY, Colo. — Greeley Mayor Tom Norton is there for his hometown University of Northern Colorado men's basketball team. Unless he gets ejected after protesting a referees' call.

The Greeley Tribune reports Norton was ejected from Saturday's game against Weber State University when officials said he got up from his courtside seat and walked onto the floor to object.

Norton denied being on the court, saying, "I'm behaving."

He was later readmitted and watched the rest of the game from another seat several rows up.


Northern Colorado coach Jeff Linder joked that he would have to send Norton treats because they're neighbors.

Weber State won, 74-69.

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