Couple leave long letter as prank for postman

LEWISBURG, Pa. — A Pennsylvania couple pranked their mailman on April Fools' Day by leaving an extra-long letter sticking out of the mail slot on their front door.

Bill Kelly and his wife used a piece of paper several feet long that they folded over to look like an envelope. They waited for the mailman to grab it from the mail slot and laughed as he pulled several feet of it from the door of their Lewisburg home on Saturday.

The couple addressed it to "A.P. Rilfools" and, in case the postman didn't figure it out right away, wrote "April Fools!" in big letters on the other end of the fake envelope.

The couple posted several photos of the prank on Facebook and even posed with the letter and the grinning mailman.

Colorado veterinarians 'invite' rescue kittens to wedding

LARKSPUR, Colo. — Veterinarians Michele and Nicholas Anderson don't leave anyone out when they celebrate life's big moments.

The Colorado couple "invited" two rescue kittens to their March wedding and included them in photos.

ABC News reports the newlyweds volunteer at Devine Feline, a cat welfare clinic in Denver near their home. They brought the kittens, Jeeves and Houdini, along on their wedding day to help raise awareness about animal welfare issues.

The couple met in vet school and had been dating for four years before getting married.


The kittens remain available for adoption at Devine Feline.

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