Kristy Holland
Kristy Holland

How's your resolution going? You know, the one you made to work out more? Or maybe the one about being more creative when it comes to impressing potential mates?

Dating can sometimes be a two-fer for sabotaging those resolutions. When it comes to piling on pounds: You impress her with indulgent meals and snacks, then spend the evening cuddling on the couch instead of hitting the gym. When it comes to being creative: Isn't it easier to stick to Hapa and The Med than it is to venture more than a half mile from campus?

My solution to your rut-bound resolve is simple. Skip a traditional date and work out together instead.

It's true that not every girl will be interested in jogging alongside you or spotting your bench press, but not every effort involves gym shorts and drenching reps. Boulder is a bastion for alternative exercise and feel-good physical activity, and winter barely slows things down -- there are more than a dozen legit yoga studios and three world-class indoor climbing gyms around town.

Suggest a simultaneous sweat session and any remotely-active gal will be stoked about sharing an endorphin high, multi-tasking while battling the freshman 15, and showing off a rosy-cheeked glow that she knows will pique your interest in getting it on. Realistically, if she says yes to an exercise date, she's probably got that in mind for a future "workout" anyway.


Get your endorphins flowing, warm up your winter -- and your date -- with these ideas for training as a twosome.

Strength, flexibility, and flow are some of the keys to a good yoga practice -- and a good relationship. If you want a serious sweat-a-thon, try Saturday's 75-minute Hot Yoga class at Corepower Yoga (4 p.m.; 1129 13th St.; or the Detox flow immediately afterward (5:30 p.m.). No need to be intimidated if she's a regular, it's sexier to show that you take her practice seriously and are willing to learn than it is to have perfect form. Still shy? Check the class schedule at the North Boulder location (3280 28th St.) where there will be fewer of your former love-interests/classmates in attendance.

It's not ballet, and even though it's low-impact and relatively slow-going -- perfect if your date's concerned about her makeup -- let me be clear: The lifting, stretching, control-based workout you'll get at The Bar Method Boulder (2425 Canyon Blvd.; will kick your ass. This weekend the studio is offering a first-timers open house session on Saturday and Sunday at noon for free (reservations required).

Looking for an excuse to get together with your lady every week? The CU Rec Center's Spring Intramural lineup (UCB 355, 303-492-2893) includes broomball, indoor soccer, innertube water polo, volleyball, and more. Gather a team, come up with a silly name, and register online starting January 23rd. Team fees are between $40 and $125 and you'll need your CU Identikey to register online.

There's no better place to build trust with a partner than the climbing gym. You can support her physically and emotionally, share in the rush of achievement, and ogle her ass without being completely obvious about it. The hip-hoppin'-est student gym in town is the bouldering mecca, The Spot (3240 Prairie Ave.;, which stays open until 11 p.m. on weekdays and 8 p.m. on weekends, and offers a day pass for just $11. For a slightly less scene-y-er scene, try the Boulder Rock Club (2829 Mapleton Ave.; The climbing's more traditional -- be ready to belay! -- and you can spring for her first-timer $10 day pass.

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