Kristy Holland
Kristy Holland

One of the biggest problems with falling in love is the uncertainty of it. Especially at the beginning of a promising relationship, it's unsettling to be so clueless about what the future holds. Does he/she really like you? Is this person The One?

There's a certain amount of inherent guesswork for everyone involved in a budding romance, but super-intuitive types have it a little easier than the rest of us; they might see the signs that a relationship is destined for success, or sense a duo's demise.

But I think it's possible to learn something about intuition, yourself and/or your partner that can help you get a peek at the future of your relationship. You may not have a crystal-ball-clear vision, but a little insight goes a long way when it comes to calming early-relationship craziness --and providing a little entertainment. Try one of these ideas for a peek into your future and a fun date-night diversion.

Do you ever wake up in a sweat? Whether it was sexy or scary, the dream that got you that way is proof that there's some crazy stuff going on in your sleep-state subconscious. Could your bedtime thoughts be the key to your relationship's success? Find out at the Caritas Spiritist Center's lecture, Spirituality and Dreams , hosted by a world-renowned dreamologist this Friday night (5723 Arapahoe Ave., 1A;; $15; 7-9 p.m.).


Rather a little something more personal? Grab a group of up to ten friends and invite vision-seeing Tarot reader Dennis Perez ( into your home. For $25 per person, Mr. Perez gives readings -- individually or as a couple, privately or for the whole group to listen in on -- that'll offer insight into your day-to-day. Let the cards show you things you never expected to see.

Have a more traditional date in mind? Don't loose out on a goofy peek into the future. On your way into the prayer-flag-draped dining room of Sherpa's Adventurers Restaurant and Bar (825 Walnut St.; 303-440-7151), stop at the clairvoyant, animatronic "Khumbu Yak." Feed a dollar into the machine and listen closely for some Buddhist-inspired wisdom about how to live your life. After the yak's 30-second spiel, it spits out a fortune-telling ticket that may also entitle you and your date a free dinner, drink, or appetizer from the restaurant.

Don't feel like dropping big bucks? No prob. Skip the sage and the dinner date; you can get a little well-timed insight for just a couple of pennies a pop. World Market (1685 28th St.; sells tubs of the restaurant-style fortune cookies -- more than five dozen of them for just $5. It's probably the best deal going: Confucian wisdom, a list of lottery-worthy numbers, and a snack all in one. Make an evening out of tearing through the tub; there'll be plenty of sweetly romantic fortunes you can linger over and at least a few that'll get you laughing when you add "in bed" to the end.

Kristy Holland writes about dating once a week for the Colorado Daily. Tell her about your date-night ideas at