S o, nerds... You spent the last week sleeping and trying to lose that little pooch from all the turkey and stuffing, and you're halfway through your first week back to school. And you may or may not have a sore fist from throwing down on that dude who was trying to buy the last $5 copy of "Assassin's Creed III" at Target.

With Thanksgiving now over, it's officially the season of consumerism! From Black Friday hysteria to Cyber Monday computer meltdowns, people all over the country have been scrapping and searching and spending in order to find the perfect gifts for friends and family members.

But you don't actually have to throw some 'bows in order to get a great gift. Boulder, fortunately, is a haven for badass gifts brought to you by nerds of all kinds. Here's a rundown of some Boulder swag that's great for the whole family.

For Sally and Bobby, Ubooly is a must. The new toy is basically an adorable, not-terrifying, high-tech Furby. Ubooly connects to your iPhone or iPod touch (and apparently little kids these days have iPod Touches? What?!) and allows you to interact with it. Little kids can talk to Ubooly, telling it a story or going on an adventure. The orange, fuzzy little creature helps kids use their imagination and even tells jokes.


Does your mom spend more time on Pinterest than other websites? Did she turn your childhood bedroom into a "crafting cave" the second you left for college? You may want to pay for a class at FACTORY made, where she can learn how to do crafts and make different projects. They offer classes on everything from screenprinting to building a terrarium, and they even have a ladies' night. Classes range in price, but some are as little as $20. If Mom's not in town, swing by their shop and pick up a locally made piece to send her a bit of home.

Every family vacation, Dad's there with at least one camera, capturing everything so he can always remember how much fun you all had on your seventh trip to Disneyland. But because one day he was using his iPhone, the next an actual camera, and another day, his -- ugh -- iPad to take all those pictures, he can never seem to find the right one. Well, Boulder startup Birdbox has Dad's back. It's currently in a pretty competitive beta; use your nerd cred to score Dad access, and you can brag about how you're so "in the know." Birdbox organizes all of your pictures -- no matter where they were taken -- into easily navigable sets they adorably call "nests." Even though the beta's free, your nerd cred is solid currency, and access is something Dad will totally love.

Jessica Ryan is a senior media studies major at CU. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.