Maybe it's because Beyonce will perform for the president and the nation at Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony. Or maybe it's because she's working on a new album. Or maybe it's that she just confirmed that Destiny's Child will release a new track this month.

Maybe it's because the HBO's "Girls" is back this weekend and I'm unabashedly excited for the show and the soundtrack.

Maybe it's because I had a decidedly not-progressive dream about Lindsay Lohan last night and feel a little guilty about it.

Whatever the reason, I'm making a Grrl Power: Part 2 playlist. You might recall the first installment back in August, in which I got all fangirl about the wealth of killer females in music these days.

ashley dean

There's no need to repeat myself, since these things live on the internet forever, so I'll just supplement that playlist with a few more femme fatales.

Beyonce, "Run The World (Girls)"

The reasons for Beyonce topping this playlist are partially stated above and don't really need to be stated at all. All hail the Queen Bey.

Santigold, "Girls"

Santi recorded this track just for the TV show of the same title -- you know, that show -- and it captures some of the cocky attitude on the show, without Santigold losing her own style and swagger.

Portishead, "Glory Box"


Portishead has a lot of great material to its name, but this song might be the most heart-stopping. Beth Gibbons' aching, seductive vocals as she sings, "Give me a reason to love you / Give me a reason to be a woman" will hit you straight in the gut (or lower).

Sky Ferreira, "Everything Is Embarrassing"

Ferreira's Ghost EP was a mixed bag, stylistically, but this slow-dance jam put her on the map. "You know I'm trying," she sings, and you believe her. This girl is poised for big things in 2013.

Alabama Shakes, "Be Mine"

Brittany Howard isn't fond of thinking of this band as any kind of soul revival, but her voice can't help but attract those labels. It's powerful and raw, and when she breaks down into "woops" the repeated "be my baby" at the end of this song, you want to plead along with her (and feel terrible about your own singing).

Bleached, "Think of You"

Sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin are proof that chicks don't have to be beautiful vocalists. Bleached's lo-fi, sometimes surf-y rock is catchy -- and the singing doesn't strive for anything more than the Ramones ever achieved. That's not a bad thing.

Grouplove, "Naked Kids"

Hannah Hooper isn't the lead singer, but it wouldn't be Grouplove without her. When the band first started, she was an artist learning to be a musician from scratch. Now she's key to the indie rock group's sing-along melodies and infectious energy.

Delta Rae, "Bottom of the River"

The men of Delta Rae are no slouches themselves, but since this is playlist for the girls, let's just say that, damn these ladies can belt. And they'll never drop a note.