kristy holland

It'll take over this Sunday for most of America: the 47th Super Bowl. There'll be a six-hour pre-game show, three hours of testosterone and whistle blowing wrapped around an hour of sure-to-please commercials, and 12 minutes of Beyonce shimmying during the halftime show. If you're into the game, the traditions and the food, it's an all-day indulgence marathon.

But what if your lady-friend hates the gridiron? You won't score any points by suggesting a platter of wings and some cheerleader-watching to a gal who isn't into pigskin. So, consider your date, then decide if she's better suited for a game plan that embraces the biggest sporting event of the year or avoids it entirely. Here's an agenda for both:

Football Fanatics:

Skip out on the inevitable boy/girl segregation that'll occur at a house party (not exactly romance-inducing) in favor of a more public game-watching venue. While it may sound counterintuitive, being surrounded by a crowd of strangers will actually enhance your experience as a couple. Imagine it: Instead of chit-chatting with gal-pals, she'll be more engaged in the game -- and you. Bead- and jersey-wearing strangers will provide the festive atmosphere, but the two of you will be swapping analysis of the plays, epic-length commercials and any wardrobe mishaps in semi-privacy. The interaction is likely to be a game-changer that gets your lady excited about huddling up with you post-game.


Where to watch? Admission is free at the Boulder Theater (2032 14th St.;, the bar will be serving drinks, and the doors open at 3 p.m. for the 4:30 kickoff, so you can get a decent seat in front of the huge screen without devoting all-day to the festivities. If you're more focused on the lead-up or the food, hit the party at the West End (926 Pearl St.; The upstairs patio has TVs in every direction, and it's sure to be a rollicking scene. Get there early, sit downstairs and watch the wings come out of the kitchen; if you can keep count well enough to place lucky order #47, you'll get a free trip to Mexico.

Game-day grievers:

If your lady friend laments the do-nothingness that goes along with America's largest sporting event, play along. This one-day event isn't worth fumbling your budding romance, and you'll be able to watch every minute worth catching online, anyway.

Instead of settling in for the play-by-play, hit the pre-game show with your pals, then pick your lady up for a picnic lunch. By 1 p.m., lots of your favorite restaurants and most of town's grocery stores will be pedaling their Super Bowl specials, so you'll be able to grab a high-energy, picnic-worthy to-go platter for under $15. It'll be almost 60 degrees on Sunday, so if you pick a wind-free and sunny hike, you'll be plenty warm during the walk itself and your lingering lunch break. (Pack a blanket just in case.) Try a hike that's normally overcrowded (but will likely be people-free on Super Bowl Sunday) like Chautauqua's Royal Arch or Green Mountain, or Mount Sanitas.

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