Jessica L. Ryan
Jessica L. Ryan

Lately, I've been in a bit of a slump. Partially aided by senioritis, I haven't wanted to do a damned thing besides sleep and binge-watch TV shows on Netflix ("House of Cards," anyone?). But this past Friday, my friend Stevie asked me to come to Denver with her as she got a tattoo... and I said yes.

If you know me personally, you know I am fond of neither Denver nor needles. So for me to say yes was sort of a bizarre thing to do -- and breaking free of the norm for those few hours ended up setting the tone for my entire weekend.

In my nerd life, I've found that these slumps can be caused by many things, from a bad grade on a test to health problems. But as nerds, our dedicated passion to the things we care about -- whether that's a fandom we're in, friends we hang out with, foods we like to eat, or clubs we're a part of -- can also sometimes become a burden, making us feel trapped in the world's most obnoxious bubble.

While my perfectionism-addled brain generally despises spontaneity and doing anything outside the norm, having that push from my friend knocked me off my axis for a few days, which, dontcha know, was actually a good thing!


If you've been feeling stuck in a slumpy bubble, whether it's the Boulder Bubble, Tumblr arguments over your OTP, eating mac and cheese for dinner every single night, or leading a club well after the honeymoon is over, it's time for you to burst it.

As evidenced by our 60s-snow-60s-snow weather, spring is well on its way. Take this time of renewal as an opportunity to reach out to a non-bubbled friend and do something together you wouldn't normally do, like going to Denver and spending the day around needles.

Take time to really care for yourself. Following from last week's column about Parks & Rec, participate in #TreatYoSelfTuesday: take yourself out to breakfast, buy some new sandals, or skip just one of those club meetings -- you're worth it!

Get out of even the smallest of bubbles: your 'hood. I pretty much stick to the blocks between my house and school, limiting myself to the Boulder rectangle from Pearl and Folsom to Broadway and Baseline. While it's a pretty sweet rectangle full of awesome places, it can get really boring, too. Why not explore North Boulder, go for a hike, or check out that new restaurant in Gunbarrel?

I'm not sure how long the bubble-bursting of this weekend will last in breaking my slump, but for the last few days it's been a nice escape and has jump-started my battery, if only for a little bit. The weather the next few days is going to be awesome; take advantage of it and spend some time breaking out of your bubble!

Jessica Ryan is a senior media studies major at CU. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.