Dear Ashley,

I met this guy at a concert. He's really cute and really likes me, but when we first met he was on molly and he said "I love you" and told me he was stuff. He asked me out to dinner -- do you think I should say no? Or just go for it?

-- Black Heart

I'm a big fan of the rally cry "let's get weird." Do you really want to go through life in a normal, boring way? Nope.

That said, sometimes molly makes things too weird. Dropping an L-bomb and suggesting "butt stuff" is a seriously off-putting first impression. Did he even offer you any molly so you could get on his level before getting literally and physically touchy-feely?

But unlike booze, which tends to make people incredibly honest and let their true selves out, molly is in that class of drug that makes you say and do things out of character. It makes you have too many feelings and -- for this guy, at least -- want to do things with strangers that involve, um, you fill in the blank ...

So, there's a decent chance he doesn't really mean it. If you think he's worth a date once you put aside two creepy moments, go for it. And if it turns out he really is into it, well ... are you? You didn't say and I'm feeling like you're secretly curious.

If it still freaks you out, clench up and peace out.

Dear Ashley,


My boyfriend is terrible about composting. He forgets all the time. I don't get it. It's right there. It makes me wonder, if he can't remember that, will he forget important things in the future, like my birthday, or that my bike has a flat before I head to work?

-- Green conundrum

Are you the same person who knocked on the car window to ask my friend and I not to idle? Or are you the one who glared at me for needing a bag in Whole Foods?

I don't mean to hate on you for being environmentally friendly. Really. Good for you. What I'm getting at, through my own angst, is that people don't respond well to being nagged, and that tends to be especially true when it comes to being green. There's an implied holier-than-thou attitude.

So, first off, if you want him to kick the habit, be persistent but skip the lectures.

You could also just chill out a little and remember that not everyone is Captain Planet and that some people have shitty memories.

As for your boy forgetting the important things, you're just going to have to hope that he finds helping you with flat tires and celebrating birthdays to be more important than making sure some fruit and veggies rot. My guess is that he does.

If not, fix your own damn tire and find a dude who decomposes fruit like it's his job. This is Boulder. You got this.