Jessica L. Ryan
Jessica L. Ryan

It seems I've developed an incurable condition that is affecting every aspect of my life, from when I go to bed at night to what I do with my friends and family: the dreaded Senioritis. With five weeks to go before I am no longer a simple student, there's still quite a lot left for me to do.

But I don' wanna do it. My standard level of procrastination has skyrocketed since spring break, and lately I've been desperately grasping at every excuse I can find to avoid schoolwork.

Fortunately, the different "to-dos" associated with graduating -- buying a cap and gown, sending out announcements and (of course) planning a kickass grad party -- have become welcome distractions from the numerous papers and exams that loom on the not-too-distant horizon.

In true Jess Ryan fashion, I'm determined to have a fabulously nerdy sendoff from this fine institution. Here are some awesome resources I've been using to get stuff done.

Google Drive

Between a checklist of what I have left to do before I graduate and a spreadsheet of people to whom I'm sending announcements, Google Drive has become an invaluable resource for lil ol' me. When I first learned of "the cloud" I was a little freaked out. But being able to get to these docs from any device -- my laptop, my desktop, my phone, etc. -- is so unbelievably helpful. Drive even lets you share docs with people (so Mom can add all her old sorority sisters to your announcement list).

CU Book Store's Pinterest


For more than a year, I had a massive grudge against Pinterest and flat-out refused to use it. But then I got one, and now I'm hooked. The CU Book Store has an awesome Pinterest page, with boards ranging from "CU Style" to "Pets." But they also have an "Alumni" board where you can find everything you need to deck yourself out for the ceremony as well as to let the world know you're a Forever Buff.

While trends are starting to indicate that the business card is going away, they're still a key thing to have on hand, especially when you're at a networking event or on a job hunt. Moo lets you create custom business cards, either from a template or from a design you upload yourself. They're incredibly affordable and arrive super quickly.

Fan pages and blogs

Of course, any good party has a theme. And for a nerd, that theme must be intricately fandom-related. Fortunately we love talking about our fandoms, creating new designs and cumulating anything and everything related to it (you should see some of the Sherlock pinboards I follow). From drinks to décor to dress, your fandom is sure to have your grad party back.

Considering I actually have to, like, graduate, I should probably start fighting back against my senioritis and do some schoolwork. But at least I've found some pretty cool tools to help me prep for the big day.

Jessica Ryan is a senior media studies major at CU. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.