Jessica L. Ryan
Jessica L. Ryan

With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference going on this week, everyone in my feed has been talking about iOS7 and its new redesign, which favors a flat design over the usual Apple glossiness.

As an Android user, I felt myself growing jealous of everyone with iPhones. There are so many of you, and you're all sending me group chats and emojis that I'm missing out on.

So I sat there making pro/con lists, as I am oft to do. Here are some of the kickass and not-so-great things about being an Android owner:


There are a gajillion different products that run Android, from tons of manufacturers who each make a handful of models. iOS only runs on iPhones, of which there are only a few different versions. This makes it way easier for companies to make iPhone accessories than it is for Androids. I really want a Cath Kidston case for my phone (or maybe one of those sassy Kate Spade ones with the hashtags on them), but ain't nobody got nuttin' for an LG Lucid, save a handful of super sketch websites from China. Alas, I have a boring clear case that is far from adorbs. iPhone cases, on the other hand, exist in all forms -- including those ones with the bunny ears (what's that all about?!). Point iPhone.



There are a few iPhone apps that will let you customize things like icons and the top status bar, but nothing compares to Android customization. You can add widgets that do everything from tell you the weather to pulling in a stream of tweets right on your home screen. Some widgets can be overwhelmingly customizable -- I recently added a phone widget and had to have a friend walk me through all my options, giving me sort of a "burden of freedom" type feeling. Nonetheless, it's nice having uniform icon styles across my home screen and being able to customize my lock screen, typing methods, and widgets. Score one for Android.


Android developers are in short supply, so iOS apps come out long before their Android counterparts. The day I finally got Instagram was a fine day indeed, and since it's only been out for a week I'm still on the Vine strugglebus. I can't troll for hotties (is that what people say these days?) on Tinder or obsess over the awesome bun ga I had last night on, because those wonderful creations are only available on iPhone. Womp.


But I shan't despair -- Android has one feature to rule them all: sharing. I can share media across apps like it ain't no thang but a chicken wang. And since most of my work involves sharing links, pictures, and so on, this is a useful feature for when I'm on the go. You can also choose which app completes an action, like using Chrome to open a link instead of the default browser. Android apps cooperate with each other so much better.

It's like they're friends. Aww.

Jessica Ryan is a community manager and recent CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.