Jessica L. Ryan
Jessica L. Ryan

L ike many of you, I'm moving into a new apartment this week. I don't know that there's anybody who actually enjoys the chaos of packing up all their belongings and schlepping them across town, except maybe people who get paid to move.

Nonetheless, I've found that in my packing adventures some of my nerdy qualities have helped me get the job done without too much stress. This got me thinking about all the different types of nerds, and how their quirky qualities can help in their relocation, too.

Social media nerds like myself have quite a few handy qualities. For one, we know how to craft creative copy, allowing us to write Craigslist ads so intriguing that our sofas are picked up off the curb before the ink on the "free" sign is even dry. We obsessively organize everything -- into categories, lists and subcategories of sub-lists -- so the people helping us move know exactly where to put each box. From our experience with scheduling Tweets in advance, we've already called ahead to get our Comcast and Excel switched over to start service the exact minute our service starts (now, if only the Comcast guy would show up on time.) And of course, we already have boards on Pinterest dedicated to decoration and organization ideas for every corner of our new abode.


Gamers' nerdiness can also help ease the pain of switching spots. Countless hours of playing Tetris undoubtedly lend themselves to stacking boxes to optimize the amount of space in their cars. Keeping all the original packaging for their various gadgets ensures everything has its place. The typical gamer nerds are used to spending time alone, so it's all right that everyone else is busy moving too. And it's OK if they've already packed up all their lamps -- they're used to spending time in the dark.

Even the most outdoorsy, adventure-driven of geeks benefit from their nerdiness. They're eco-conscious, so they already have plenty of reusable grocery bags on hand to put stuff in instead of boxes. It doesn't matter if they've already packed their iMac; they have a veritable library of travel books to read. And, of course, they've spent enough time in a sleeping bag to handle one night on the floor while their bed's in the U-Haul.

A list of nerds using their geeky characteristics as skills wouldn't be complete without the trendy Boulder startup nerd. Their extensive knowledge of local beer means they know just the right brews to buy in order to entice their friends to help with moving. Spending most of their time hopping around Boulder's various happy hours, they don't usually cook, meaning they'll put less effort into packing up their kitchen. They started in-depth research on neighborhood hotspots months ago and have already established themselves as regulars at the nearest coffee shops and coworking spaces -- even though they haven't even moved yet.


Jessica Ryan is a community manager and recent CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.