Alexandra Sieh
Alexandra Sieh

With my birthday last weekend, I found there's an interesting line between being older and wiser and being that mid-twenties-something yelling profanities in front of children.

Does it help to say I was at a Rockies game?

Here's some newly-realized old-person smarts:

Getting to an event early will save you the hassle of screaming at other Denver drivers while dangerously changing lanes because you're poor and potential $5 parking is worth the risk and middle fingers.

Watch out for spell check. Because your lame text about naptimes could soon end up reading that you and your friend are taking a quick baptism before heading to the breweries. (Then again, baptism by beer would be worth texting.)

Bringing a blanket to an outdoor game. It will save your frozen ass when your beer jacket is too weak due to long lines and/or Michelob Ultras during the pre-gaming.

My No. 1 lesson: You don't need big, flashy events to make a weekend fantastic. Just fantastic friends.

So get those chums together, and head out to have some fun this weekend in Boulder.

For example, head to Absinthe House on Saturday. Because at 9 p.m., internationally touring DJ Alyson Calagna will be spinning all night. Plus, if you come before 11 p.m., it's free entry ($5 after). Pair that with their newly added craft beers and sweet dance moves, and you're good to go.


On Sunday, hop over to the Bohemian Biergarten (2017 13th St.) by 5 p.m. and check out Adam Agee and Jon Sousa. They'll be performing traditional Irish music until 7 p.m.

Or you know what, enjoy a movie. Your Program Council folks have lined up a viewing of "HER" in CHEM 140 at 9 p.m. Friday. Free, with popcorn goodness. It'll help you see that, even if you're feeling lonely, at least you're not in a relationship with your technology. Yet.

Or for a different kind of film: Thursday through Saturday, at The Dairy, you can catch "The Past," a film by Asghar Farhadi that takes you through the tangled mess of an international couple struggling with divorce and infidelity. ... I don't know, I like drama. Go to for showtimes and tickets.

And speaking of the more high falutin' stuff, here's how you can get literary: some of CU's best undergraduate writers will be presenting their creative nonfiction on Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. Sponsored by the Program for Writing and Rhetoric, these talents need your support as they receive winners of annual prizes and read from the latest issue of JournalTwentyTwenty. Just head to the Boulder Book Store (1107 Pearl St.) and show some bookish Buff pride.

Now, your beer lady brings you back to the beer:

Our friends at Boulder Beer (2880 Wilderness Place) have some classy suggestions for you this weekend. Like on Friday, you can get a Gouda and bacon grilled cheese sandwich on marble rye in honor of National Grilled Cheese Month. YUM. (Yes, I'm still obsessed with their grilled cheese offerings.) Saturday marks their 35th Anniversary of their Imperial Black IPA release party. In 1979 (years before all of us!), they concocted the beer we all now love and enjoy (with our 21+ IDs ...). If you head over, you can roll a dice, and if you get a 3 or a 5, you win a beer. Plus, the first 35 people in will get a free beer. FREE BEER = no brainer. It all starts at noon.

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