Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan

Many a time have I extolled the virtues of Twitter, from its newsgathering convenience to its networking capabilities. But here's the thing about Twitter: half of the time I'm wildly in love with what I see, and the other half just leaves me saying "Wait... what?"

That part, my friends, is Weird Twitter. A lot of people who've tried to describe Weird Twitter say it's a group of users who feed and play off one another — which may be true. But, just like religion and eggs, my experiential perception of Weird Twitter is different from your experiential perception, is different from Weird Twitter's own experiential perception of itself.

Weird, right?

From my experience, much of Weird Twitter is basically just Weird Tumblr, limited to 140 characters. But it's also accounts, centered around a theme or premise, that are so brilliantly weird that sometimes, they speak to the depths of the soul. Weird Twitter is really just using Twitter to play with the structures of language, and the structure of the platform, to elicit some sort of reaction (mostly a chuckle, sometimes a scowl.)

Weird Twitter is diverse in style and quality, but here are some of my favorite Weird Twitter accounts — give 'em a follow and they'll be sure to add a little "huh?" to your day.

(Heads up, due to weirdness, a lot of these accounts may not be safe for work. Or, like, life.)



Premise: Run by the same people who create the bizarrely amazing podcast "Welcome to Night Vale"

Example Tweet: "Lovers come and go, but friends are forever. Your friends are immortal. They just found out, and it's been rough. Don't bring it up."


Premise: Takes phrases verbatim from the New York Times, but removes the context

Example Tweet: "lunch was everything food could be"


Premise: A bird fighting against the oppression he faces

Example Tweet: "i can drink coffee it coffee for drink coffee i can handle coofee coffee to drink coffee yes good everything under control cofeen is yes yes"


Premise: Stand-up comedian and author, Rob Delaney. There's a lot of trolling real accounts, and his arbitrary hashtag use helps him fight the marijuana powers that be (#420NO is a good example)

Example Tweet: "The story of the Titanic speaks to me because I once tripped over a bag of ice at a party & then killed over 1,500 people."

And some Tweets can be standalone members of Weird Twitter, like this gem from our dear editor @jennfields: "My cat just favorited a tweet."

Jess Ryan is a community manager and CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week. On (not-so-weird) Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.