The Longmont-based animal search and rescue team deployed to help out in the flooded Houston area has two missions scheduled today.

One group will head to Galveston Island to rescue around 100 animals, while another will focus on rescues south of Interstate 10, Code 3 Associates President Eric Bagdikian said in an emailed update.

He said that teams of rescuers and investigators, including those familiar with the area, were out on the water in the Houston area north of Interstate 10 starting Wednesday afternoon, after they had arrived Tuesday with the group's Big Animal Rescue Truck stocked with supplies.

(Courtesy photoVolunteers with Code 3 Associates, a Longmont-based animal search and rescue group, are conducting missions in the Houston area this week.)

"Numerous animals were rescued and relayed to safe shelter, where they could be housed and cared for," Bagdikian wrote in the update, adding that the animals were identified and logged in hopes of helping reunite them with their owners.

Among more than 50 animals rescued was a 120-pound mastiff dog that was hypothermic upon rescue, but now recovering under proper care, Bagdikian said.

The group is a nonprofit organization from Longmont that specializes in technical animal rescue operations following both natural and man-caused disasters, such as fires, floods and other weather events.

Its mission in Texas is to rescue as many animals displaced by the flooding as possible, Bagdikian said.


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