If you go

What: CU Snowboard Team movie, "Degrees"

When: 7 p.m. Monday

Where: Chem 140, CU Campus

Cost: Free

More info: cusnowboarding.com

When you're putting together a snowboarding flick, it's convenient to have a whole team of people shooting.

In this case, it's the University of Colorado Snowboard Team. The team will premiere its movie, "Degrees," Monday at 7 p.m., in Chem 14 on campus. It's free and open to the public.

"We're constantly filming, whether it's at our practices with our coach, or team members hanging out on weekends," said CUST president Brendan Browne. So every year, there's plenty of footage to work with from the team's members -- usually anywhere from 50 to 70 students, he said -- from a full season of shooting.

The film features team snowboarders riding all over Colorado, from rails at Breckenridge to backcountry at Berthoud Pass, and elsewhere since the team travels.

And since the team is notoriously stacked and solid -- they've never placed lower than second at their national championships, said coach Pat Abramson -- there's some pretty stellar footage.

"We definitely have a couple of riders who are sponsored and are used to that kind of stuff (being in films), but we also have some not-known riders who are pretty good but aren't on the big screen," said Lani Finer, who edited this year's team movie.

Finer is studying film at CU and is a member of the team.

"This is a pretty new thing for me," Finer said. "I've done little projects before, but I've always wanted to do snowboarding. This is my first real snowboard movie."

Steve Pleines grinds a rail in ’Degrees,’ this year s University of Colorado Snowboard Team film, which premieres Monday.
Steve Pleines grinds a rail in 'Degrees,' this year s University of Colorado Snowboard Team film, which premieres Monday. (Photo courtesy Scott Ferguson)

Finer said the idea behind "Degrees" is to get people excited for the upcoming season, showcase the riders and get more students involved in the team. Browne echoed that the annual film is helpful for recruiting new members.

Coach Pat Abramson said the team film -- they've been doing it for nine years -- always gets everyone psyched for the season. Plus, it's a natural extension of what he's already doing as a coach.

"I shoot video as much as I can on the hills, and we watch it," he said. "It's one thing to have someone tell you how to do something, but when you can see yourself, doing it right or wrong, it's easier to teach that way."

On Monday, the team will also show "Dub Reel," a ski and snowboarding video by Summit County-based 4Reel Media -- "They're good friends of a lot of people on the team," Browne said.

"These next few months are considered what's premiere season, and all the new ski and snowboard videos are released in the next two months to get people stoked."

"And we try to get more people to sign up for the team then as well."