After a deadly season on the roof of the world, several Boulder climbers reached the summit of Mount Everest and returned safely to Kathmandu in the past week.

On the morning of May 25, Boulder resident Mike Moniz reached the summit of Everest and descended part of the Southeast Ridge route. After a rest, he proceeded to head up neighboring 8,516-meter peak Lhotse, thus summiting two 8,000-meter peaks in 24 hours. In a May 29 email from Kathmandu, Moniz said he wasn't sure he'd be able to get in a third 8,000-meter peak he'd planned to climb during this trip, Cho Oyu, due to the onset of the monsoon.

Moniz also reported that Bob Berger, of Boulder, reached the summit and returned down the mountain safely.
Emily Harrington
Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington and Sam Elias, who were part of an expedition sponsored by The North Face and National Geographic, also reached the summit on May 25 and have now returned to Kathmandu.

Harrington told The North Face's blog for the expedition

"More than anything it was really mentally challenging. It was just hard not knowing what to expect, being here for so long, trying to stay motivated and having all kinds of things happen. There were accidents up there and that can be disheartening and worrisome. It's just a lot."

On May 19 and 20,

com/outdoor-adventure/climbing/mountaineering/everest-2012/Five-Confirmed-Dead-in-Two-Days-on-Everest-and-Lhotse.html">Outside magazine reported four deaths on Mount Everest as approximately 300 climbers tried to take advantage of a good weather window to push for the summit.

Cory Richards, also of Boulder, was on the National Geographic expedition with Harrington and Elias until he was evacuated from base camp on April 28 with a mystery medical condition. Richards returned to Boulder earlier in May and is in good health.