Local climbers will premier the film "The Island One" at eTown Hall in Boulder on Wednesday.

The film follows climbers Dave Graham, Jon Cardwell, Daniel Woods, Joe Kinder, Colette McInerney, Enzo Oddo and Isaac Caldiero at climbing spots around Europe.

Filmmaker Cameron Maier of Boulder said the film was made my climbers themselves, who brought a camera with them on a year-long trip through Europe.

"It's a very honest take on the climbing life as opposed to a production where a crew came in for a month and then left," Maier said.

Boulder climber Daniel Woods, 23, said the film shows the true climbing lifestyle. The film shows how climbers contemplate and plan for new climbs and what they do on their rest days, too, he said.

More information: http://island.io/7JNoN3ih.