The 100th edition of the Tour de France starts Saturday, and if you weren't lucky enough to fly across the pond for it, the we've got a few ideas for watching the Tour in Boulder.

Cheese with your wine (not whine)

The owners of Cured, a specialty meat and cheese shop, have got your culture fix covered.

Will and Coral Frischkorn brought European cuisine to Boulder two years ago when they opened their downtown shop.

Coral spent a year studying abroad in southern France, and Will raced professionally for 10 years, traveling the world on his bike and even competing in the 2008 Tour de France. He retired from the sport in 2009, but wasn't ready to let go of the cultural experiences he enjoyed while traveling.

The two were surprised to find that Boulder didn't already have a cheese shop, so they opened their own.

For the second year, Cured has put together a Tour de France inspired menu, complete with wines and cheeses to pair with each region the Tour de France rides through.

In Corsica, it's a goat cheese -- Fleur Verte -- paired with a rustic red. Then it's on to Provence for rosé and more goat cheese, this time wrapped in Bourbon-soaked grape leaves.

Cured owners finish the Tour with champagne and Brie de Meaux for the riders' finish in Paris.

"It's trying to put together things that are true to form to their region," Will Frischkorn said. "The riders, if they were fortunate enough to indulge, would be eating these."


You can eat and drink all of Cured's mini-Tour de France care packages, or hand pick the ones that interest you the most.


Café watch parties

If French cheeses and wines aren't for you, you can pass the time watching the Tour with friends and fellow cycling comrades.

At The Cup in Boulder, co-owner Wendy Ball brings in a TV just for the Tour.

Though most people watch it while standing in line for their order, Ball said some people "camp out" and watch the whole thing, espresso in hand.

If you correctly pick a stage winner, Ball hands out jerseys, T-shirts and other prizes to Tour lovers, she said.

You can also catch the Tour at popular cyclist hang out, Amante, which has three Boulder locations. The North Boulder location is by far the busiest, said owner Jordan Karp.

Since the Tour is broadcast starting at 5:30 a.m. Boulder time, many cycling fans line up outside Amante until they open at 5:45. Karp said he lets people in before that, but beware, there won't be coffee ready yet.

"There are certain stages that totally draw huge crowds," Karp said. "It's hard to order a drink. It's standing room only. Surrounded by your brethren, if you will. There's just not that many places where you can imagine a place where people are high-fiving each other watching a bike race"

Drink up the Tour

If you really want to party, we've aggregated the best drinking game rules from the internet for you here. Because let's be honest, some of those flat stages can get a little monotonous.

Take a drink:

- Every time you see an overhead view of a French scenery, like a fancy historic castle.

- Every time the announcers have a hard time pronouncing foreign words or names.

- Every time a rider is described as having 'the ride' or 'race of his life.'

- Every time you hear the words 'doping' or 'clean' or 'fresh start.'

- Every time you see Boulder riders Tejay van Garderen or Tom Danielson, because hey, they live here.

And when you see a rider toss an empty water bottle on the side of the road, clean up those empty bottles of French wine and wipe up the crumbs from your macaroons.

By the way, Amante serves alcohol after 7:30 each morning, owner Karp said, so maybe you could combine these last two.

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