Chris Davenport, a University of Colorado alum who frequently appears in Warren Miller flicks (he’s seen here skiing in Portillo, Chile, in "...
Chris Davenport, a University of Colorado alum who frequently appears in Warren Miller flicks (he's seen here skiing in Portillo, Chile, in "... Like There's No Tomorrow"), will speak on a skiing panel at CU on Friday. (Mike Artz / Warren Miller Entertainment)

If you go

What: "First Ascents: CU on the Summit" Ski Panel

When: Friday, Oct. 25 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Where: Folsom Field's Club Level

Cost: Free for CU Students, $15 for general public

More info: Register at 



This Friday, renowned skier and University of Colorado graduate Chris Davenport will be joining other skiers at a panel entitled "First Ascents: CU on the Summit" at Folsom Field.

Davenport will talk about goal setting, leadership skills and risk management, which he says are the three most important things that shaped his career.

He's glad to return to the campus for a panel discussion, he said, because CU offers the perfect combination athletics and academics.

"The entire reason I went to CU-Boulder was because of its skiing program," said Davenport. "Boulder has everything I was looking for as far as my collegiate experience. I knew I would get fantastic coaching and plenty of opportunities to achieve my goals."

Davenport became the first person to ski all 54 of Colorado's fourteeners, or 14,000-foot peaks, in 2007. Skiing magazine has named him one of North America's 25 top skiers in 2005 and he has been featured in more than 30 Warren Miller films.


Palmer Hoyt, also a CU graduate, will be joining the panel discussion as well. He is the executive director and head coach of the CU Freestyle Ski Team.

Hoyt will talk about suffering a head injury from a driving accident when he was 22, which forced him to redevelop life skills. As a coach, he has since led the team to five national collegiate freestyle ski championships.

He is passionate about leadership — it's what helps teams win, he said.

"Leadership is something that is taught. It's not born innately in us," he said. "Everyone can get better at it."

He will be specifically talking about his proprietary coaching method, called Care-Smile-Win, a method that develops communication delivery through enthusiasm and passion for sport. Hoyt says that this method has helped his team become one of the most successful freestyle ski teams in the country and helped him build a solid staff.

Also joining the panel will be Richard Rokos, head coach of the CU Alpine Ski Team and CU's longest-tenured ski coach. He has led CU ski teams to six NCAA championships and 11 NCAA west regional championships. Chris Jarnot, Chief Operating Officer of Vail Resorts, will also be on the panel.

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