The University of Colorado is officially pushing back the projected completion date of its facilities project in and around Folsom Field to late fall of 2015 if a proposed $24.8 million parking garage is approved.

Chancellor Phil DiStefano will brief the Board of Regents Capital Construction Subcommittee on the proposed 580-space garage on Thursday morning and present a program plan for its construction. The garage would be paid for by the sale of bonds initially and through campus parking revenue over time.

The regents previously approved a $143 million plan for new construction and renovations in and around the school's football stadium to be paid for through donations to the athletic department and the sale of bonds paid for over time by other department revenue. The first stage of construction in the northeast corner of the stadium is already underway.

The athletics project will take away about 230 parking spots, making the proposed parking garage a net gain of 350 spots. The garage addresses parking needs identified in the transportation section of the 2011 campus master plan, according to documents made available to the regents in advance of Thursday's meeting.

The garage would be located beneath the indoor practice facility scheduled to be built on the east side of the stadium where Franklin Field is now. Construction on the garage would begin late this summer or early fall, according to the advance documents given to the regents.

Construction of the indoor practice facility, which would be built on top of the underground garage, isn't scheduled to begin until next winter or spring and adding the garage would push back its completion to late fall.


If the garage is not approved by the regents, the original completion date for the athletics project of August 2015 will likely remain the same.

The first stage of the building is remodeling the northeast corner seating to enclose that portion of the stadium. Those seating areas are scheduled to be completed and available to fans this fall. The new home to the football team, its coaches and much of the rest of the athletic department will be the building constructed immediately behind those seating areas in the northeast corner. It is scheduled to be completed in April or May of 2015.

When the new building is done, members of the department who are currently spread out in offices at different entrances around the stadium will be moved to the central location and renovations will begin on the Dal Ward Center and the south end of the stadium, where retail space will be added.

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