LAS VEGAS -- Spencer Dinwiddie is good at a lot of things.

One thing the Colorado junior is not good at is hiding his true feelings.

He tried on Saturday night, while standing outside the CU locker room at the MGM Grand Garden Arena after a 78-73 loss to Oklahoma State.

When asked his thoughts on facing Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart -- the second potential NBA lottery pick he's guarded this month -- Dinwiddie began with a diplomatic answer. Then, he switched gears and got candid.

"If he and (Kansas') Andrew Wiggins are the two best players in the country then I'm the best player in the country, as well," Dinwiddie said.

Spencer Dinwiddie
Spencer Dinwiddie (

Smart and Wiggins are generally regarded as national player of the year candidates. Both figure to be among the top six or seven players selected in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Dinwiddie is a potential first-round pick next summer, too, yet he's never been mentioned as a player of the year candidate or a lottery pick. In fact, some mock drafts have Dinwiddie going in the second round, if at all.

After facing both players -- and faring well against both -- Dinwiddie was in no mood Saturday night to shower Smart and Wiggins with praise.

"I think they're good; it's not to take anything away from them," he said. "They have their strengths. I think Wiggins is a monster in transition and I think Smart is very strong and a great all-around player.

"But, to listen to the critics and what they're saying -- how (Smart) does this and how I can't do this -- (Smart) didn't do anything that I felt was amazing, and I don't think he can guard me. I'm sure he probably doesn't think I can guard him."

On Dec. 7, Dinwiddie and the Buffs knocked off Wiggins' Jayhawks. The possible No. 1 pick, Wiggins had 22 points and five rebounds against the Buffs, but didn't have any assists or steals. Dinwiddie had 15 points, seven assists and a rebound in that game.

"I feel like I controlled the pace of the game and caused more plays to happen," Dinwiddie said. "He got star calls and lived in transition. But, as far as the rest of his game, I wasn't as impressed."

Saturday, Smart and Dinwiddie finished with nearly identical statistics. Dinwiddie had 18 points (on 6-of-14 shooting), three assists, two rebounds, two steals and two turnovers in 31 minutes. Smart had 18 points (on 6-of-13 shooting), three assists, no rebounds, one steal and two turnovers in 32 minutes.

"With Smart, I think he's a great all-around player, but again, if he's going to try to bull his way and they're going to reward him for that and it's going to give me four fouls, there's nothing I can really do," Dinwiddie said. "When I'm driving down the lane and they're allowed to run into me and I end up on the ground and (the officials) don't say anything, that's really frustrating on my end.

"I'm mad about the loss and I'm mad about the way it all played out."

Throughout the rest of the season, Smart and Wiggins will continue to get a lot of national attention. That's fine with Dinwiddie; but he believes he deserves just as much attention.

"If you talk about individual matchups, we played probably to a stalemate," he said of Smart. "The most important thing, his team won, but if we're talking about individual players, I think I'm right up there."

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