MINNEAPOLIS — With eight days remaining until the trade deadline, Nuggets coach Brian Shaw said he'll refrain from offering any input about what his franchise should or should not do.

"I think that with all that I'm dealing with in terms of coaching the team, I'm just going to concentrate on coaching the guys that are here and available to play," Shaw said. "That's on (general manager) Tim Connelly and (assistant general manager) Arturas (Karnisovas) and (team president) Josh (Kroenke) and those guys. I don't even try to pretend the numbers and the salary cap and restrictions that you have from doing this and doing that."

Denver Nuggets coach Brian Shaw.
Denver Nuggets coach Brian Shaw. (Karl Gehring, The Denver Post)

The Nuggets aren't likely to be overly active at the trade deadline anyway, beyond the expected dealing of disgruntled point guard Andre Miller. Injuries — and Miller's absence — have pared the Nuggets roster down to 10 active players, but they hope to get the services on injured guard Ty Lawson back soon after the All-Star break, as well as any individual brought over in a deal.

"I think this first year and where we are, my input wouldn't really make that much of a difference," Shaw said. "So I'm not really concerned about it. I think it's more important in the offseason that when the season is over, whenever that is, that I just weigh in and say 'This is what we need, in my opinion.'"

After the season, however, will be different.

"This year has been a year of discovery for me, especially because I've been in the East; I wasn't familiar with a lot of the players," Shaw said.

"And so just getting to know them and learn them this year. So now, having been around them and going through what we've gone through, I have a better understanding of who can get it done, who can't, who is durable, who is tough, who is not.

"So, going forward, I can say, okay well I know at this position we need more depth or we need more defensive minded perimeter guy to be able to guard these kinds of situations, whatever the case may be. And then going forward, now I've given some input. But still, it's not my money being spent.

"I've always said from Day One I really just want to be concerned about coaching. Whatever I'm given to work with, I'll work with and try to coach them up the best that I can."

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