Current and former student-athletes have had enough with the NCAA. The juggernaut is facing multiple lawsuits from players that make it because they feel hamstrung.

More than a decade ago, Jeremy Bloom launched his own battle against the NCAA. The former University of Colorado receiver/returnman and Olympian believed that he should be able to accept endorsement contracts to help pay for his moguls skiing career.

The NCAA thought otherwise and declared him ineligible in 2004.

Ten years later, Jon Solomon of caught up with Bloom to get his take on the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit against the NCAA seeking to let college athletes receive money based on their name, image and likeness.

Among the notable issues Bloom addresses is the advantage that schools with more money have.

"Have you seen their facilities?" Bloom told Solomon. "They've got flat-screen TVs in their locker and waterfalls. You think they'll visit Alabama and say, 'Nah, I'm going to go to Colorado State?'"

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