Broomfield Open Space officials on Wednesday will re-open some trails at The Field that were previously closed because of aggressive coyotes in the area.

Open Space and Trails coordinator Pete Dunlaevy said some of the trails south of Midway Boulevard in the southwest part of The Field open space will be re-opened on Wednesday morning. Other trails at The Field remain closed until further notice, he said.

Broomfield on May 27 closed several trails at The Field because of reports of coyotes coming close to on-leash dogs. The coyotes bared their teeth or displayed other aggressive behavior.

There have been no reports of pets or people who have been harmed, and Open Space and Trails will continue to assess the area on a weekly basis to determine when it will be appropriate to re-open the rest of the trails.

Officials said it is likely the coyotes are territorial because they recently had pups. Coyotes are sometimes more territorial when they have young to care for.

More trails could open when it appears coyotes feel less threatened or aggressive because of their young, he said.