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Denver Art Museum's "Cartier": Last chance to see it, 5 things to see
If you haven't yet pulled your best gems from the safe to wear on a visit to the Denver Art Museum for the Cartier exhibit, don't bother. Full Story

With smart mirror, shopping trips become solo fashion shows
The MemoryMirror device is not a mirror at all, but a screen projecting images captured by an overhead camera. The contraption, a recent addition to Bay Area Neiman Marcus stores, does much more than just show your reflection. It saves each outfit you try on, allowing you to compare different styles side by side to figure out which looks best. Full Story

Mondo makes a fashion statement in black and white
In the three years since he won the television fashion competition "Project Runway All Stars," Mondo Guerra has designed various clothing items but not a full, marketable collection. Full Story

'We are all queer'
Boulder photographer's book provides intimate glimpse into unique culture. Full Story

2013 Fashion: The highs and lows
It won't go down as a year in which fashion history was made, but there were enough developments in 2013 to keep us watching and commenting on everything from the royal baby to a retailer's royal gaffe. Full Story

Tim Gunn and Mondo Guerra to host Goodwill's Feb. 6 Denver fundraiser
Goodwill Industries of Denver's annual fashion show and swap attracts 1,000 people and is always a sell-out. Full Story

WEEKEND IN DENVER: Give Colorado gifts for Christmas
If you're one of those fools who got in line at Best Buy last week waiting for Black Friday sales, then you are missing out on even better gifts. Get your shopping done this weekend with some awesome Colorado gifts — remember that Colorado has the best state flag ever. Show your pride by gifting Colorado made. Full Story

Dudes: It's OK to carry a 'murse'
As we climb into my parents' Prius, we hear a frantic voice shouting from behind us. It's the server, flying through the front doors of Royal Wok. Full Story

FASHION: Snake charmers for the wardrobe
For those who follow the Chinese zodiac, the year of the snake begins Feb. 10. People born under this sign are thought to be more likely to be seductive, gregarious, charming, smart, good with money and, at times, a little jealous. Full Story

Lyons man works his magic while making wands
Once a carpenter, Kevin Brady turned himself into one of the world's few professional wand-makers. Full Story

Second-hand savvy: Thrifting for outdoors gear
It's not always easy to find ways to support your outdoor habits -- gear is expensive. A little thrift helps. Full Story

Fashion Nugget: Lips show their colors
Big news, makeup mavens: Our vintage friend the lipstick is strutting her way back to our kissers in a bevy of cool, creamy nudes and corals. Full Story

STYLE: The sun's back, so lose the navy, gray and black already
Warm weather and sunshine is finally here! Since you all should have started to drag out your summer best, it's time to learn a bit about what's going on in the realm of color for the upcoming months. Full Story

Mexico town's mutant pointy boots create a craze
MATEHUALA, Mexico (AP) -- The customer known only as "Cesar of Huizache" had an odd request for shoemaker Dario Calderon: He showed him a cell-phone photo of a sequined cowboy boot with pointy toes so long, they curled up toward the knees. Full Story

Summer style on the cheap: Get designer stuff for less -- or go with knockoffs
If you've been paying more attention to your studies than the fashion magazines, you may not know what's going on in the style world for the coming glorious summer months. I feel I should share my wisdom as a CU alum and avid fashion enthusiast on how to get the summer looks as if you've stepped right out of Vogue magazine, for less. Full Story

Frumpy is the new funky
New York's fall 2011 runways at Lincoln Center were packed with conservative looks of longer skirts and button-up blouses. Full Story

Dude fashion: Guys, get it together. We need you to look good.
One of the scariest parts of a relationship is a dude's wardrobe. Seriously. After falling in lust at first sight, you realize he is forever going to wear baggy band T-shirts and bad jeans. Full Story

Hair dye tips: Since we all color our hair, here's some advice
My hair isn`t really black. This mess of curly tresses has strawberry blonde choking on onyx pigment. I wish black was my natural color. It makes my blue eyes pop.  Full Story

Feigning Fashion: Knee socks and Chucks
My buddy Murray called me Friday night for drinks. "Eh. I don't have any money." "Just throw on those damn striped knee socks and skirt you always wear, because it's a balmy 27 degrees out" he said, "and come meet me at the Whiskey Bar." Full Story