It's not always easy to find ways to support your outdoor habits -- gear is expensive.

A little thrift helps.

Boulder is full of second-hand options, and that's useful for anyone who is on a budget but looking to put together first-rate outdoor adventures. Here's why:

More gear
The saying goes: Body parts heal, but bike parts are expensive.

Instead of sacrificing your body for your bike when you wreck, though, try this instead: Spend less on clothes so you can spend more on gear.

Or spend less on gear too, since we have gear thrift in Boulder, too. (Pro's Closet, Sports Recycler.)

Thrifty Patagucci
Boulder's thrift stores have outdoors brands and workout clothes. Maybe you can't afford new Patagonia pants, but slightly-used Patagonia pants are in the budget.

But when it comes to used bike is this OK? People who buy these: What's your rule of thumb for making it OK to put your junk on a chamois that some stranger had their junk on? A certain number of times through the washing machine? Do you have a special detergent or wash so you don't feel like you need a “special” wash?

Size matters
When you hit the sale rack at REI or a bike or ski shop, the leftover sizes tend to be really big or really small.

If you're somewhere in the middle -- and it seems like a lot of athletes are -- the sale rack can be useless.


When you hit the thrift store, the opposite happens. There are a ton of clothes in that middle zone.

Basically, it's lazy shopping -- minimal size-hunting for people who would rather be climbing.

It's green
Outdoorsy types tend to be green types, too. You're carefully recycling fancy drink mix containers, you're worried about the wrapper of your bar blowing away in the breeze at the crag.

Thrift shopping is recycling for your clothing. Look how green you are.

Seriously, you have grass stains on your knees. What were you doing out there?

Dirtbag status
Maybe you're prioritizing climbing or mountain biking or skiing -- or all of the above -- so much so that you're living the dirtbag lifestyle.

You can't be a dirtbag and have brand-new stuff all the time.

But you might find clothes that look new at a thrift store, so just be sure to tell everyone where you got them.

Even if you're not really dirtbagging it, you might buy some dirtbag cred with a shirt from a few seasons ago.