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RYAN: The geek outdoors
Boulder nerds know how to take advantage of the sunshine and get outside in a geeky way. Here are some awesome outdoor nerdy activities for you and your friends to explore this weekend. Full Story

Game review: 'Torchlight II'
"Torchlight II" beckons players in with swathes of glorious loot, satisfying character customization, online multiplayer and LAN support, and a spiffy $20 price tag. Full Story

Codecademy helps code-challenged nerds get started
I may not really know how to do it, but I like to code. Being able to put together a string of seemingly random characters -- and getting a tangible output -- is really freaking rad. Full Story

'Journey: Collector's Edition'
C alifornia-based thatgamecompany has established a bit of a reputation for going against the grain since it opened its doors in 2006. Full Story

Tweep Profile: The Microblogger
Using Twitter to share random brief stories from your life can help you find people who relate, hear other people's stories and just give you a place to put that "you'll never believe what just happened" feeling. Full Story

Game review: Darksiders II
C oming two years after the original, Darksiders II introduces more RPG elements and a new protagonist while increasing on the size of the first game roughly twofold. Full Story

RYAN: Optimizing your Twitter persona
I'm a little out of order this week in my month-long mission to introduce you to Twitter, but in thinking about steps to getting started, I realized that I totally left out how to create your profile. Full Story

Pinterest sans cupcakes
The two-month-old website (slogan: "Man up. Sign up. Pin up.") is what you might end up with if you grabbed Pinterest by its grosgrain and calico corners, shook it free of all the wedding cakes, cute kittens and arty crafts and then restocked it with photos of mustaches, man caves and Maker's Mark Full Story

A brave new "LittleBigPlanet"
Back when Atari ruled the world, a few guys could get together and create a hit video game -- and that do-it-yourself aesthetic lives on. Full Story

Video game review: 'Splatterhouse' goriest game ever
Splatterhouse's" legacy undoubtably will be the new heights to which it elevates video game gore.  Full Story

Hit List: Top 5 mobile apps of 2010
As the end of the year approaches, it seems necessary to look back on some of the most popular trends of 2010. And what trend has been more widespread than smart phone apps this year?  Full Story

The video games of Black Friday
Motion gaming, mobile gaming, traditional gaming. More than any year before, shopping for that gamer in your life has become a minefield of games, deals and gadgets.  Full Story

'Rock Band 3' way better than 'Guitar Hero'
I've spent so much time playing "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" over the last five years that, by now, I ought to be able to give Eric Clapton a run for his money. Full Story

Game review: 'Civilization V' rules PC game world
When legendary designer Sid Meier and his Firaxis Games studio produced a console version of their PC classic "Civilization" in 2008, purists howled: How dare they take one of the brainiest, most challenging games out there and dumb it down for joystick-wielding Neanderthals? Full Story

'Madden NFL 11' still the best
The 22-year-old Madden NFL video game franchise returns with another championship-caliber effort, capturing the Vince Lombardi trophy but falling short of the cherished undefeated season. Full Story

Game review: 'Halo Reach' a stretch (VIDEO)
The conclusion of this diehard "Halo" fan -- several cans of Red Bull and a bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos later -- is that "Halo" has lost its soul.  Full Story

Game review: 'Dead to Rights: Retribution' (VIDEO)
Sequels are such an ingrained part of the video-game marketplace that it feels curmudgeonly to complain about them. Yes, I'd love to see more originality, but when a game is as good as "Uncharted 2" or "BioShock 2," I'm not going to let that number in the title diminish my enjoyment.  Full Story

Boulder gamers gearing up for 'Halo: Reach'
While the much-anticipated release of Bungie Software's fifth incarnation of the hugely successful "Halo" franchise for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console isn't due until September, the company is providing a sneak peak beginning next week through its "beta" multi-player launch. Full Story

Game review: 'Red Steel 2' (VIDEO)
Remember how awesome "Red Steel" was going to be, and how the amazingly immersive mix of first-person shooting and motion-controlled swordplay promised to take action games to an entirely new plane? And remember how none of that happened at all?  Full Story

'Forza 3' gives players high-octane action
Like most drivers, I don't think much about how my car gets me from point A to point B. The idea of fiddling with my Nissan Sentra's engine, brakes or suspension is as appealing as being stuck in traffic. About the only thing I can do to my car is fill it with gas. Full Story