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A beeping fire alarm, freezing house and shower possessed by only the most evil of spirits.

This is how I started my Valentine's Day. And I continued to not feel the love of our oh-so-special winter wonderland as my car got stuck time and again along the side streets of our fair city.

Needless to say, this fake holiday wasn't as kind to me as it was to all the women shoving their flowers and chocolates and crap in my face via Facebook.

Talk about a cause of mid-week drinking.

Anyway, time for us all to start looking toward better holidays.

alexandra sieh
Like St. Patrick's Day. A day dedicated to binge drinking and injuring unsuspecting folks for their wardrobe choices. (More on that next week.) Or Cinco De Mayo. AKA: Our bastardized lime-filled tribute to tequila and Corona.

For shenanigans until those glorious days arrive, let's start with how to make this sudden snow a bit more bearable.

Should it continue, West End Tavern's got their W.E.T. specials. Cheap drinks galore, if you can make it there. A sure-fire way to get wet this weekend, if all else fails.


Info: W.E.T. snow specials at West End Tavern, 926 Pearl Street.

Get messy

For your Saturday night, you need only brave the walk to campus for the paint party.


Not to be confused with the also-popular pants parties.

Life in Color -- the "world's largest paint party," as its website boasts -- is coating Balch Fieldhouse. As part of their Rebirth Tour, the party's set for Saturday, with music by Borgore, Seven Lions, Basscrooks, TYR and Jimmy Burns.

A fusion of high-energy music, art, dance and paint, as they describe. Not for the OCD, or for your dressed-to-impress best.

Sounds messy. Wet and messy.

Info: Life in Color at Balch Fieldhouse on Saturday. Pick up tickets at The Connection, or go online: http://tinyurl.com/LICBOULDER.

Sing like you can

A few months ago, I discovered this nightlife columnist lives within walking distance of a bar. One filled with pool, shuffleboard and booze.

Shocked, to be sure. But as I arrived, I realized that I hadn't known about it because it's definitely one of those places filled each night with "regulars." I pride myself on having avoided that status thus far.

But for those of you looking to make a vocal jackass out of yourself, exposing your not-so-hidden knowledge of boy-band hits, Outback Saloon has karaoke night each Saturday.

Way off Pearl, but worth it for a night of drinking fueled by the local singing "talent."

Don your alcohol jackets and enjoy your post-Valentine's buzz.

Info: Karaoke at Outback Saloon, 3141 28th Street.