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Back in 2009, when I was just a youngin' wrapping up my sophomore year, I hopped on a plane and headed east to the Emerald Isle.

One of my bucket-list countries, my parents and I traipsed around Ireland for about a week. Gorgeous sights, incredibly filling food and cars on the wrong side of the road.

Well, as luck would have it, we found ourselves there in the middle of March. That's right. St. Patrick's Day.

As we stood along the main thoroughfare in Dublin, surrounded by green and orange, watching car after marching band after float pass by in the parade, my parents and I fought for our footing as the crowd surged.

And with so much pride in the air, it was only right for us to partake in another glorious Irish tradition: Beer drinking.

(Underage in the U.S. Beer drinker in Ireland. Hells yes.)

Now, you may be scoffing my premature exhalation of St. Patty's Day.

Ha! Nothing premature about it.

Old Chicago has brought on the green early, revving up its St. Patrick's Day mini tour a few days ago. Set to last until March 17, this tour's filled to the brim (pun always intended) with Guinness, Smithwicks and O'Hara's brews.

How do I know, you ask?

I was there.

My friend and I fought the cold winds and snow-filled streets to start one of our favorite tours.

And after an unfortunate beer-spilling incident, I brought that beer smell with me to work Thursday. Or rather my boots did. "Resident Beer Girl" as I'm known in the office now seems, to the unwitting nearby smeller, to have come to work drunk.

Info: St. Pat's Mini Tour at Old Chicago, 1102 Pearl Street.


Old Chicago is bringing out the green early.
Old Chicago is bringing out the green early. (MARTY CAIVANO)

Natural born artists

Next up: Absinthe House.

But it's not what you think. No inappropriate gyrating or tequila shots ... this time.

Instead, Absinthe's getting artsy, hosting "Discovery," by RAW natural born artists, on Sunday.

A collaborative showcase of independent artists, musicians and designers, the show gives its audience an independent film, fashion show, musical performance, art gallery and more. All kinds of indie artists seeking the spotlight and putting on one hell of a show.

So culture up your weekend and head over in your Sunday (night) best.

Info: RAW "Discovery" show at the Absinthe House, 1109 Walnut Street, from 6 to 10 p.m. Tickets are $10-$15. 21+


Rock out

Never fear, my 20 and younger friends. Seems your Program Council is at it again, bringing big-name talent right to your doorsteps.

Kris Allen's rocking out in the Old Main Chapel tonight with Jillette Johnson. My only exposure to his hits over the years has been from my friends filling my iTunes with their music, but the American Idol winner will bring his hits to campus.

This show's sure to liven up you're a Friday night. (Don't worry, the beer pong table will still be there when you get home.)


Info: Kris Allen at Old Main Chapel on Friday at 8 p.m. $12-$15.

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