The owner of NoEntiendo -- the University Hill bar and restaurant denied a liquor license this week partly on the basis of past problems when the location was K's China -- said the business will remain open.

Kyle McNamara, a longtime manager of K's who purchased the business in March, made it clear Wednesday that he did not agree with the Boulder Beverage Licensing Authority's 4-1 vote Monday to deny transfer of K's liquor license to NoEntiendo.

He described the proceedings as "very unfair and kind of a witch hunt."

In denying the transfer, authority members cited K's China's past problems and recent reports by police of alleged violations of the conditions of K's license that remained in place under NoEntiendo's temporary license.

Boulder police reported noise complaints and concerns about hand stamping and ID checks at K's and NoEntiendo, 1325 Broadway. But McNamara said he and his staff did all that could be expected of them to conform to special rules the authority leveled on the beleaguered K's location.

The rules included requiring everyone who comes into the restaurant to show an ID, whether they intend to drink or not, and asking for a second form of ID from anyone who does order alcohol.

No citations against NoEntiendo were issued.

"We went above and beyond to follow all their rules, and they based their decision on other factors," McNamara said.


Even so, McNamara said he will continue dishing up NoEntiendo's South American-American fusion food and will proceed with other ideas for the location -- which he was not ready to share publicly yet.

"We're going to continue all our plans to help make the Hill a better place for everyone, even if we don't have a liquor license," he said.

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