Part of the reason Colorado coach Tad Boyle waited until Monday to start men's basketball practice is that the Buffs spent Friday and Saturday working out with former Navy SEALs. They went from 5-10 p.m. on Friday night and then 5-10 a.m. on Saturday.

"It's such a short intense time frame that it's good for our players, it's good for our coaches, it's good for our team," Boyle said. "I wouldn't say our players enjoy it, but I think they get a lot out of it."

One player who did enjoy it was sophomore forward Xavier Johnson. He said the workouts were long and grueling, but will pay off.

"I think the biggest benefit is just being mentally tough -- just knowing you're tired, but knowing you can't leave," Johnson said. "You can't go anywhere, so you might as well forget about it and just keep fighting and keep working harder.

"It was a great experience."

Part of the experience was that each player had to actually fight one of the SEALs.

"That was actually a really cool thing," said Johnson, who reportedly took down one of the SEALs. "It was physical."

This is the second year the Buffs have done the SEALs training, and Boyle looks forward to it continuing.

"I'm a big believer in the program," he said. "I expect that relationship to continue because it's something we'll refer back to. I referred to it in practice today four or five times."



CU is considered to be a top 25 team, based on how well it did last year, but Booker said the Buffs can't worry about the expectations. "What happened last year doesn't matter," he said. "It's this year now and we're here to play for this year." ... The CU women's basketball team could have started practice as early as this coming Thursday, but head coach Linda Lappe will conduct her team's first practice on Oct. 8. The Buffs open on Nov. 12 at Colorado State.

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