Boulder native Josh Maximon, like many, grew up with the Broncos. Unlike many, Maximon is living out the fantasy of fans everywhere.

He will be at the Super Bowl cheering on his beloved team in person.

The first season he really remembers, he was about 5 or 6 years old.

"It was the '77 Orange Crush team. That team always has a special place in my heart," Maximon said.

Although he's been to a Super Bowl game before, this one will be particularly memorable because he's taking a special guest: his mom, Susan Maximon.

"I've been watching games with her since that '77 Crush game," he said.

Josh and Susan were throwing around the idea of getting Super Bowl tickets for a while, but Susan was hesitant. Although a huge fan, she feared the cold and the hassle. She thought she'd rather watch it all unfold from home.

"I like to watch the games alone, usually. The only person I ever really want to watch with is Josh because he knows a lot about football," Susan said.

But when the Broncos beat the Patriots, Susan couldn't resist.

"When it turned out we were really going to win, and we beat New England, I ended up texting Josh and saying I think we should go. I'm just very, very excited," she said.

The Maximons will be representing in full orange ski suits, Josh assured, although Susan said she might just stick with her Broncos scarf.

Celebrations closer to home

Those who can't make it to the stadium are still finding big ways to celebrate.

Don Altman, of Boulder, said he's been a Broncos fan for as long as he can remember.

"I went through all the heartbreaks when we lost the Super Bowl before. I lived right in the middle of the riots on University Hill when we won the Super Bowl during my college years, and it's been kind of boring for 15 years. Now here we are again," Altman said.

Altman is hosting a Super Bowl party at his home, and he's going all out.

"I just finished my new house, and everybody is coming over. I've got a 70-inch T.V., and we're going to have prime rib, lobster and more," he said.

Altman expects the atmosphere to be nervous and loud, with an estimated 50 guests attending.

"We'll have some small children present. In past football games, we've screamed so loud, we made the children cry," Altman said.

He hopes his 3-year-old son's Broncos gear will keep him dry-eyed.

"I'll wear my John Elway jersey, and my son will wear his Peyton Manning jersey," he said.

Broncos gear flying off shelves

The Altmans are smart to already have their jerseys because Broncos gear is getting hard to come by.

Sports Authority on 28th Street has a banner on its storefront advertising Broncos gear inside. But Greg Auble, sales associate at Sports Authority, said, "We don't have sizes in anything Broncos. The Omaha stuff, particularly, is going pretty quickly."

Shannon Dana, soft line teams leader, said the sale of Broncos apparel has been "insane" since the AFC Championship win.

"Most of what's going out the door is Broncos gear," Dana said.