At a campus as large as the University of Colorado, Boulder, it's true there are endless nooks and crannies to use as study spots.

Whether you're looking for a comfy couch or just a quiet spot to plop, CU is chock full of options.

But if it's a change of pace you're looking for, a short walk off-campus may provide the perfect space to inspire productivity. Plus, they're all laced with free Wi-Fi and caffeine to keep you awake.

Grab your backpack and laptop and check out some of Boulder's best study spots off-campus this fall.

1 Starbucks

1402 Broadway, Boulder

This may seem like no surprise but it's not just any Starbucks that offers a nice blend of noise and calm.

The Starbucks across from campus on University and Broadway is a hub for students looking to leave campus. This location offers a familiar and comfy space packed with CU students.

A variety of food and drink options will sustain you through a solo study session or a group effort. Plus, the occasional free sample will save you some cash between orders.

Info: 303-442-9199

2 Buchanan's Coffee Pub

1301 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder

Besides the yummy caffeine and free Wi-Fi, Buchanan's is close to home for most students living on or near campus.

Located on the Hill, this coffeehouse has a small patio perfect for enjoying Boulder weather while attacking your first assignments of the year.


The tables and bars lining the inside are just right for a single student or a small group. They leave little room for clutter, cutting down on distractions and increasing productivity.

Info: 303-440-0222

3 Folsom Street Coffee

1795 Folsom St., Boulder

This spot requires a little more travel but is still easily accessible by foot, bike or bus.

Forget fighting the crowds. This low-key spot won't have the same wait as similar places on Pearl Street or the Hill.

Like Starbucks, Folsom Street Coffee offers a mix of sturdy chairs and fluffy seats and plenty of them. A shaded patio adds even more seating so you won't spend hours searching for a space. You're sure to find the right support for your back and your brain.

An interesting array of food and drinks will keep you fueled and the trendy atmosphere provides just the right balance of distraction and quiet.

Info: 303-440-8808

4 Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe

1203 13th St. Suite A, Boulder

This quaint Poetry Bookstore opened early this year, making it one of Boulder's newest study spots.

The homey atmosphere, including long wooden tables sitting among ceiling-high bookshelves, provides a comfy place to be productive.

This is one of the Hill's only remaining secrets and it's getting busier by the day. So whether you bring your textbook or your journal, it's worth putting on your list of study spots.

Info: 303-579-1644


1625 28th St., Boulder

Following the trendy coffee shops that fill slots one through four, the International House of Pancakes may not seem worthy.

But a few important factors could make it your permanent late-night cram space.

They're open 24 hours. Need I say more?

Well in case you're not convinced, a horde of students will appear as coffee shops and campus buildings begin to close, providing you with lots of study buddies. And it may not be the highest quality coffee, but it's cheap. Free refills will make a trip to 28th Street well worth the trek.

Info: 303-444-2115