So, you're leaving us.

It's cool. We know when to take a hint. You make your way to Boulder (or were conceived here), spend a glorious 5 and a half years at the University of Colorado (man, college way hard, mom and dad), get a fancy job in Chicago and leave us.

You would.

Let's make a deal. You come back and visit for Buffs games (of all sport) frequently and we'll buy you a PBR. (Not sure who "we's" tab is, but I'll get to the bottom of it.)

Before you leave us, there are five things you must do in Boulder. If you've done them all, then do them again. These unofficial Boulder must-dos are officially must-dos. So get on them before you graduate.

And you underclassmen, now you have a headstart on the list. Get on it.

Tube Boulder Creek

Sure there are Class V rapids on the Arkansas River, but there are mad currents that also rush through Boulder Creek. Those Arkansas River rafters are in boats. We're in tubes. That means we're way more hardcore. You most likely have, but if you haven't, before you leave, rent yourself an inner tube (info: and float down that creek like it's your mandatory credit hours.

Kiss a buffalo


A Boulder tradition is to kiss the taxidermitized (not a word?) buffalo head on the wall of the Pearl Street Pub, 1108 Pearl St. CU has the best live college mascot (we love you, Ralphie!), and you need to give a Buff a kiss. Hopefully you've kissed many a Buff (ooh la la), but pucker up and get those lips on a fuzzy bison and give 'em a big, fat smooch. If that means our human/buffalo hybrid mascot Chip, the bronze Ralphie at Folsom, or a stuffed buffalo hat, then get on it. Go Buffs!

Busk on the Pearl Street Mall

We love and we hate the Pearl Street buskers. We (secretly) want to be one, but also want to scream "I'm a college student! I don't have spare change!"

But buskers on Pearl Street are a Boulder staple, so spend a day busking on the pedestrian mall -- with your roommate filming, obviously. Hellooooo YouTube.

Act a fool. We'll only see you for those aforementioned Buffs games, right? So you can be a jackass. We won't remember by then.

Attend a Buff sports event

So you feel betrayed by your Colorado Buffaloes football team. Suck it up. Firstly, have you played collegiate football? Well it's hard as hell. Not that we know from experience, but it's no sunbathing on Norlin. The lot of Colorado's athletics are phenomenal, so go support your Buffs. Even if you've been 100 times, go 101.

Do something 'Boulder'

"Boulder?" You inquire. You know, Boulder.

Before you leave this town, you need to partake in the stereotype of your town. Some tips, for the laymen: Smoke pot (it's legal now, homies). Buy a mess of organic goods and cook a clean meal. Do yoga. Read improv poetry at Naropa. Watch a cycling event at Amante. Climb a Flatiron. Hike Chautauqua. Ski Eldora. Drink a gluten-free beer. Protest fracking. Drive a Subaru. Eat at a farm-to-table restaurant. Sell organically degradable grocery bags. Light a couch on fire. (No. Don't do that.)

We can keep going here, but it's happy hour time. Plus, you have some serious planning to do.