Requirements for Colorado concealed carry permit

You must be a Colorado resident, 21 or older.

You must submit:

- Completed application

- Copy of your training certificate

- Copy of your driver's license

- State ID card or passport photo


I n March, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that CU cannot ban concealed carry permit holders from bringing guns to the university's campuses.

CU students, faculty and staff who hold a concealed carry permit can now carry them on campus. Previously, CU banned guns from its campuses, including those carried legally with a concealed carry permit.

In order to get a concealed carry permit in Colorado, you have to be a resident over 21 and have taken a gun-training class with a certified instructor.

Once a permit is obtained, the gun must be concealed on the person and not visible to others, said university spokesman Bronson Hilliard. Other kinds of guns, like replicas, air rifles and toy guns are still not allowed on campus, he said.

The permits are not public record, but local estimates suggest that about 1 percent of residents in Boulder County have the concealed carry permit, Hilliard said.


"We have no guesses or any way to know how many students have their permits," Hilliard said. "But if the Boulder County estimates are any indication, it's likely a very small number of students."

CU Police spokesman Ryan Huff said students can be ticketed if they're carrying illegally, or if they're using their concealed weapon in a threatening way. However, there have been no incidents of students "brandishing a gun" since the changes, he said.

While CU has to allow those with the proper permits to carry on campus, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Not in dorms

As part of the housing contract to live in the residence halls, students must agree not to have weapons, including concealed carry guns, in the dorms, Hilliard said.

Media coverage and buzz about the announcement following the court ruling created the illusion that CU was erecting a dorm for students with concealed carry permits and guns, Hilliard said. But in reality, students who want to live in the residence halls and can show proof of permits and the ability to safely store the gun when they're at home are assigned housing in the graduate student residences, he said.

"It's not some special dorm that only has students with guns in it," Hilliard said. "Those students would be assigned housing in either the graduate apartments or cottages, where other graduate students live."

So far, no students with concealed carry permits have requested campus housing, he said.

Events are excluded

Huff said while students with permits can legally carry a concealed gun on campus, they are not allowed to bring them to ticketed events.

Guns are not allowed at concerts, performances or athletic events on campus, regardless of a permit, he said.

Hilliard said the university has sent out multiple messages to students about the new rules, including information about events and venues.

Faculty, staff can't make their own rules

The university has informed faculty and staff that they cannot refuse to let students bring a concealed gun into a classroom or office space on campus, Hilliard said.

Some faculty and staff have posted signs asking students not to bring guns into their classrooms or offices, Hilliard said, but they are not allowed to refuse services to students who choose to carry a concealed weapon.

"They can ask -- ask being the operative word -- that students not bring a gun to class or to an office, but that's all they can do is ask," Hilliard said.