B alancing school work, a job and a social life can be tricky.

Oh, and your sanity, too. That's important.

There's so much to do and so little time to do it. But luckily for you Buffs, CU has your back. The campus has several resource centers that provide guidance to students who are hoping to be successful across all parts of college life -- including just being your best you.

(Sorry, we don't mean to get sappy, but we sure like you Buffs.)

The centers offer career advice, counseling, tutoring and many other helpful and free services for students.

Here are a few of the resources you can take advantage of during your time here:

Center for Multicultural Affairs

C4C, room N320



The Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) acts as a welcoming and counseling center for students, with a particular focus on diversity. The CMA offers various programs throughout the year such as the Diversity Education Team, People of Color Film Series, peer counseling, and Collegiate Leadership Development Program.

Cultural Events Board

UMC, room 319




The Cultural Events Board offers opportunities for students to interact with one another in promoting culture on campus through-provoking discussions, arts events from around the world and speakers exploring global issues.

Disability Services

C4C, room N200



Erika Munter, left, chats with Steph Wilenchek in CU’s GLBTQ Resource Center.
Erika Munter, left, chats with Steph Wilenchek in CU's GLBTQ Resource Center. ( PAUL AIKEN )

Disability Services helps students with the disabilities by providing accommodations and support to enable students' full participation on campus. Through outreach, the group also promotes an accessible and culturally sensitive campus.

GLBTQ Resource Center

C4C, room N450



The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Resource Center at CU has been nationally recognized for the environment it provides (and promotes) for LGBT students. The center helps promote equal opportunity for all students, staff and faculty on campus as well as providing counseling. The center has various social activities and provides specialized events for LGBT students and allies, such as GLBTQ career night.

The Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program

Porter Biosciences, room B116



The Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program is a campus presence that supports a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multicultural environment. The program began when underrepresented students were switching majors or leaving CU with feelings of discomfort in a field of study due to their race or ethnicity. The program holds various celebrations throughout the year.

Student Academic Success Center

Fleming Building, Room 141

303-492- 1416


The Student Academic Success Center offers counseling, tutoring, mentoring and academic support for all students, but especially those who are underrepresented, low income, first generation in college, educationally disadvantaged, physically or learning disabled, non-traditional or affected by a bias. The center offers help with academic as well as personal problems.

Student Outreach Retention Center for Equity

UMC, room 227 F



The Student Outreach Retention Center for Equity (SORCE) was formed by a group of students who recognized the barriers faced by underrepresented students on campus. SORCE's mission is to create a diverse student body with access to educational opportunities to make all students feel welcome. The group holds social events, invites guest speakers and does community outreach.

Office of Victim Assistance

C4C, room S440

303-492- 8855


The Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) offers free and confidential information, support and counseling to students, faculty and staff at CU and their significant others. Help is provided for physical assault and hazing victims, bias-motivated incidents, death, discrimination and harassment, partner violence, serious accidents, sexual assault and stalking, as well as other traumatic situations.

Women's Resource Center

UMC, room 416



The Women's Resource Center's mission is to provide an environment on campus where women can thrive by working for social justice and equality for all people. Trained staff and volunteers are available with information. The Center hosts numerous events, meetings, groups, conversations, talks and performances.

Veteran Services

C4C, room S482



The Office of Veterans Services offers support to student veterans and their families through advisers, counseling, physical fitness classes and other student veterans. Staff and students can help veterans navigate financial aid resources, GI bill information, psychological stress and other challenges vets face on campus. The office hosts several events throughout the year.