T he University of Colorado Student Government expressed concerns about the lack of student opinion included in a campus-wide smoking ban, which university officials said will be approved early next week.

University officials originally said Chancellor Phil DiStefano would sign the policy by Friday, however university spokesman Bronson Hilliard said Thursday night that the chancellor would sign the ban when he returns from travel next week.

Student leaders, including Logan Schlutz, CUSG vice president of internal affairs, were concerned about how quickly the chancellor agreed to the ban, making a decision that lacked student feedback.

"As a representative of the student body, I'm concerned that he made the decision so quickly so that there was no time for students to voice their opinions," Schlutz said.

Other representatives agreed with Schlutz's concerns, asking Chris Scheafbauer, CUSG's Health and Safety director, why the ban was moving forward without approval from the student government.

Schaefbauer -- who is on the ban's implementation task force -- said the administration did take student leaders' opinions consideration that when university officials changed the plan from a campus-wide tobacco ban to a non-smoking campus, allowing students to use chewing tobacco.

Other students Thursday night objected to the smoking ban's inclusion of electronic cigarettes, saying the devices do not produce second-hand smoke.


Schaefbauer said he would take the concerns to the task force for consideration, which will meet again Wednesday.

Student leaders said there will be a forum next week for students to voice opinions on the ban -- after the ban is expected to be signed.