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Colorado Daily staff
Some folks think ramen diets and washing clothes with dish soap while in college are just myths or exaggerations.   Full Story
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Program Council has been running the show — or more appropriately, all of the shows — at the University of Colorado for decades.   Full Story
Spanning genres, sounds, and philosophies, here are some of the finest groups to emerge from Colorado in recent history.   Full Story
Cara Robbins / Jagjaguwar
Like spring, fall brings a bounty of new music into our ears once again, so keep an eye out for these anticipated releases coming fall 2014.   Full Story
Ryan Johnson / The Denver Post
It's fall! Sweet bountiful fall! (Almost!) When all the bands decide to come out of summer hibernation and hit the road again, and you have weeks in which massive shows happen night after night after night.   Full Story
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I hope you like horror films or books recycled into movies (I don't think we can safely say "upcycled"), because that's what you're gonna be watching over the next couple of months.   Full Story
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If one of your New Year's resolutions was to watch more movies, grab yer Sharpie, pal. (If you'd wanted to talk quinoa, pilates, or not smoking in the house with all the windows closed while passed out on a pizza box as "Seven Samurai" blares in the background, you'd be in the wrong place, friend.)   Full Story
Jeremy Papasso / Colorado Daily
The Colorado music scene is positively crawling with folk, bluegrass and jam bands. But there's a ton of other stuff to hear.   Full Story
Jeremy Papasso / Colorado Daily
The Denver music scene is growing and thriving thanks to its variety of great venues.   Full Story
Paul Aiken / Second Story Garage
A few years ago, a group of us at the Colorado Daily, Daily Camera and Longmont Times-Call got together to create a new music performance video series. But the Garage didn't sprout up overnight   Full Story
Jeremy Papasso / Colorado Daily
Music venue options in Boulder are mostly divided between the big theaters and the small bar rooms or coffee shops, but that doesn't seem to hurt the scene.   Full Story
Cindy Ord / Getty Images North America
There's enough live music going on in Boulder and Denver to keep you permanently broke.   Full Story
Glenn Ross / The Denver Post
Less exposition, more album previews. We've got a lot to take a peak at. Mogwai, Rave Tapes Scottish post-rock quintet Mogwai is ready to drop its eighth studio album.   Full Story
Autumn: that magical time when the aspens change, people start wearing socks with sandals, and the silver screen divides it's the time between horror flicks and Oscar picks.   Full Story
Kira Horvath
This is pretty simple. Boulder has good music venues. Denver has good music venues. There's also that huge, pretty amphitheater out in Morrison -- Red Rocks, is it?   Full Story
Jeremy Papasso
Comedy is all about the element of surprise, and Boulder's small but passionate comedy community both understands that philosophy and puts it into action.   Full Story
CU's Program Council is a decades-old student organization that brings affordable entertainment to campus in the form of live music, movie screenings and other special events.   Full Story
Looking for the latest local talent? Boulder has a bevy of open mic nights designed to showcase undiscovered artists and performers.   Full Story
Denver's not that far, so get your Buffs to the Mile High City every now and then, pals. (But don't do it in the buff.)   Full Story
Shawn McHugh
King's Cup, strip poker, beer pong, boob ball. These are all the classics for a night drinking with friends. But Boulder has even better options.   Full Story