Local bands are working the Boulder/Denver music circuit to get their music out -- and help pay the rent.

However, there are a handful of bands that have mastered the art of booking themselves anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

These are the acts you constantly see in the paper, on venue websites and plastered on flyers around town. Some of these groups are long-time players on the scene -- and others have recently figured out how to work the market.

The Motet: The Motet plays a very cool blend of jazz, Afrobeat and electronica. The improvisational band's always taking the music to the next level and it scores the group lots of local gigs.

However, The Motet really shines when it plays tribute shows. We're talking everything from the Talking Heads to Madonna. That's why this band's the hot Halloween and New Year's ticket in town.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club: Slim and the boys have been playing local venues for over a decade, and locals still love the band's edgy mix of American music, rock and twang. The band's quirky cast of characters just adds to the concert experience.

That's why the Auto Club's solidly booked for everything from BBQ's to New Year's Eve parties.

Hot Soup: They're everywhere. The group's played local venues that range from Conor O'Neill's to the Lazy Dog and the Fox.


Boulder's Hot Soup plays a very danceable mix of jazz, funk, soul and rock. That's why this band can plug into so many different venues.

Smack Thompson: Here's another local outfit that seems to show up at every venue in town.

Boulder loves its funk and rock fusion, and Smack Thompson dishes up a blend of deep funk grooves and catchy melodies.

Mr. Right: This local band is new to the scene, but the Denver outfit has the perfect knack for cranking out alternative pop songs.

Mr. Right's popping up all over Boulder and Denver venues, and fans are raving about the group's melodic tunes, spot on vocals and crisp guitar licks.

The Pirate Signal: Colorado loves hip-hop, but the Boulder and Denver markets haven't fostered many rap artists.

The exception to that rule is The Pirate Signal. The local outfit scores lots of gigs with its powerful raps and high energy shows.

Dechen Hawk: Not long ago, Dechen Hawk was booking the Laughing Goat and playing solo shows.

Now he's realizing his dream of a creating a neo-soul band and scoring gigs all over the place.

West Water Outlaws: The rocking Boulder outfit lands lots of gigs in town -- and its starting to visit other parts of the country, too.

The rockers include reggae, blues, soul and funk into the mix, and create a fun, rowdy atmosphere at every show.

Air Dubai: Look at an ad for any Boulder or Denver venue -- and you'll see Air Dubai.

The local outfit creates a high-energy blend of hip-hop and alternative sounds. Air Dubai's genre-bending style of music creates a party at every show.

SuperCollider: If you take a look at the Laughing Goat's schedule, you'll notice SuperCollider's weekly Tuesday gig. The jazz group also hits clubs like the Meadowlark in Denver.

SuperCollider's gaining local fans with its solid fusion of jazz, indie rock and blues sounds. You have to be a pro to attempt jazz-fusion and SuperCollider nails it.