Colorado music goes all over the map.

The Boulder and Denver markets foster performers that cover all kinds of genres -- and some that even create their own brands of music.

Here's ten bands/acts that represent musical diversity in Boulder and Denver:

Robotic Pirate Monkey: One of the fastest rising electronic acts in Colorado, Robotic Pirate Monkey dares to defy genres.

The local act throws everything but the kitchen sink into the electro mix, so reggae, dubstep, hip-hop, soul, funk, disco and rock are fair game for this genre-busting act.

Sundown Social: The local band's secret weapon is Program Council Director Justin Greenstein. Plus, this group's making waves with its dancey pop sounds.

The six-piece cover band's fronted by two female vocalists, and cranks out the best alternative, dance music you could hope to party to. Few bands in town cater to playing indie pop covers -- and can nail the songs note-for-note. When this group plays Ke$ha, they mean business.

Danielle Ate The Sandwich: This ukulele-playing singer-songwriter's quirky brand of indie folk reaches well beyond Colorado. Yes, she is a YouTube sensation. This artist's songs are funny, emotional and real.

Tennis: Who knows how long this Colorado band will be together, but for now Tennis is enjoying fans in the US and abroad.

The group's throwback pop sounds of the '60s evoke a sense of very cool nostalgia that you don't find in many Colorado acts.


The Pirate Signal: Colorado loves hip-hop, but the Boulder and Denver markets haven't fostered many rap artists.

The exception to that rule is The Pirate Signal. The local outfit scores lots of gigs with its powerful raps and high energy shows.

Havok: Colorado isn't exactly the home to heavy metal, but Denver's Havok is putting the state on the map.

Havok creates a head-bangingly-good combination of thrash and metal sounds. Check out this outfit if you need a good metal fix.

The Epilogues: The fast-rising band creates a whole lot of diversity within its song roster.

The Epilogues combine alternative, electronic and rock beats into one dancey fusion. The band's inspired by everything from film scores to video games and it shows in its diverse repertoire.

Mr. Anonymous: Former Samples drummer Jeep MacNichol's music is going international with his reggae-inspired dance tunes.

Mr. Anonymous fuses reggae, dub and ska into his mix, and his records feature well-known reggae artists such as Ranking Roger. MacNichol's scoring prime Colorado gigs with this sound fusion, and he hosts a weekly reggae show on Boulder's Green Light pirate radio.

Candy Claws: Fort Collins' Candy Claws has created its own brand of genre-defying electronic music. The diverse sound fusions are gaining the group national recognition.

Candy Claws developed its own musical genre called Dream Pop, the group creates unusual on-stage outfits and the music's inspired by nature.

Spring Creek: Bluegrass is a popular genre for Boulder's college crowd. That's why students are coming out to see Spring Creek's dynamic live shows.

The local band cranks out progressive and original bluegrass tunes, and lets the music soar and stretch out at its high-intensity shows.