The first half of 2012 is absolutely packed with top notch shows. Colorado is getting visits from rising stars, old legends, and everyone in between. Hip hop? We got it. Bluegrass? Duh. Electronic? It's everywhere. Indie rock? You bet. We rounded up the best bets, plus a few we just felt obligated to tell you about.

Wilco, Jan. 19 at Fillmore Auditorium: Jeff Tweedy and company blew everyone away, yet again, with their 2011 album The Whole Love. Their arty blend of americana and synthy indie rock captures a wide audience and makes for a diverse live show.

Big Gigantic, Jan. 20 at the Boulder Theater and Jan. 21 at the Ogden Theatre: This Boulder duo has been on rise with its combination of electro and a live band set up -- it's synths meets sax with a dance beat. If you can't catch the Boulder and Denver dates, they'll also be in Aspen and Fort Collins on January 18 and 19, respectively.

Jedi Mind Tricks, Jan. 20 at the Bluebird Theater and Jan. 21 at the Fox Theatre: It's sort of hard to believe this Philly hip hop group has been around since 1996. Their hard-hitting underground sound has managed to stay fresh over the years. They might not be chart-toppers, but live shows get packed with dedicated fans.

Augustana, Jan.


25 at the Bluebird Theater:
Augustana has faded from public consciousness since 2005's hit debut album All The Stars and Boulevards, but they're still plugging along with new material. It won't be the most exciting show of the year, but long-time fans should be glad to see them.

RJD2, Jan. 27 at the Bluebird Theater: This guy is all over the place. He's producing, DJing, singing, and even playing instruments. It's hard to know what to expect in a live show, but chances are it'll be good. He's joined that night by Wick-It The Instigator, who's been behind some of the best cross-genre mashups ever (see The Brothers of Chico Dusty).

Atmosphere and Common, Jan. 27 at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Really, this would be exciting with almost any artist. It's the first ever winter concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Still, Common is a rap legend and Atmosphere puts on a highly energetic and personal show. Maybe this will be Common's chance to reschedule his visit to CU? Let's hope.

Kraddy, Jan. 28 at the Fox Theatre: Former Glitch Mob member Kraddy is making waves as a solo artist, especially with his debut Android Porn. The show is bound to turn the Fox into a sweaty, pulsing dance pit, and that's really all you need to know.

Los Campesinos!, Jan. 31 at the Bluebird Theater: Though their music tends to be upbeat, the content is sort of a downer. It'll be a good show, but probably pretty low key.

Alabama Shakes, Feb. 4 at the Fox Theatre: Alabama Shakes will be a band to watch in 2012. Their short, bluesy rock EP is absolutely stellar. Check them out now while tickets are cheap.

Greensky Bluegrass, Feb. 8 at the Bluebird Theater and Feb. 9 at the Fox Theatre: These guys are local favorites and they've yet to disappoint. This ain't your daddy's bluegrass -- expect the show to turn into a party.

Tennis, Feb. 16 at the Bluebird Theater: These Denver natives are known for incredibly sweet, ‘50s style pop, but their latest album should have a little more edge thanks to production from Patrick Carney. It should be an excellent, if mellow, show.

T-Pain, Feb. 20 at the Ogden Theatre: People like T-Pain, and he'll be in Denver for one night. Rumor has it, he's laid off the Autotune a bit, so there's that. 

Whitewater RambleFeb. 21 at the Fox Theatre: The term “DanceGrass” gets thrown around a lot these days... OK, no it doesn't. That's what makes Whitewater Ramble's show worth seeing. The Fort Collins band has long been a Colorado favorite for a reason.  

Bonobo (DJ set), Feb. 23 at the Bluebird Theater and Feb. 24 at the Fox Theatre: Simon Green, aka Bonobo, has a knack for layering and weaving details in his own music -- a talent he promises to apply to his DJ sets. It's billed as a mix of hip hop, heavy jazz, Latin, funk, soul and broken beats.

Radiohead, March 13 at the 1st Bank Center: This show is already sold out, but consider selling your first born for a ticket anyway. Radiohead's music is the stuff of boundary-pushing rock legend, and there's always a looming threat that they'll call it quits. Don't miss it.

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, April 7 at the Boulder Theater and April 8 at the Ogden Theatre: Bela Fleck is widely considered one of the best banjo players out there. He's been nominated for 30 Grammys and won 14. His latest album is the first in almost 20 years with the original Flecktones, so there's an added excitement of reunion for this show.

Neon Indian, April 9 at the Bluebird Theater: This is going to be trippy. Neon Indian's music combines synths, samples, guitars, and field recordings to create mesmerizing psych/dream pop. Add on mind-bending video and light show, and you've got a hell of a journey down the rabbit hole.

Cults, April 12 at the Bluebird Theater and April 13 at the Fox Theatre: Cults have a masterful way of mixing saccharine vocals with grungy rock. They're not well known outside of the indie world, so if you haven't heard them yet, get on it and get a ticket.

M83, April 30 at the Ogden Theatre: M83's latest album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, was long, stunning electronic opus. Some of their music is made for chilling out, but a lot of it also demands that you dance.

Roger Waters: The Wall Live, May 7 at Pepsi Center: Is it even necessary to explain why this concert is a must-see? Pink Floyd's Roger Water is still killing it and performances of The Wall is famous for being stunning, pull out all the stops, theatrical spectacle.