Sometimes you just need to shake it. Shake it off, shake it up, shake it like a Polaroid picture, shake what your mama gave you. Whatever kind of shaking you're trying to do, you can do it at these clubs. Boulder is a little light on the club scene, but there are plenty of other options just a bus ride to Denver away.

Round Midnight
1005 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-442-2176

Word on the street is this the only true hip hop club in Boulder. There's no cover, so there's obvious appeal there. Plus, if you're in need of a mid-week dance sesh, DJs are spinning on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The club's big draw is underground hip hop, but they're also dropping dub, dancehall and reggae.

Tahona Tequila Bistro
1035 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-938-9600

Mexican restaurant by day, club by night. Tahona brings in a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights, and it's not the hottest scene, but hey, it's there. If you arrive before 6 p.m., you can take advantage of the happy hour, but it's a long time to go before the dancing starts around 10 p.m. The music is a mix of everything, including house, glitch, reggae, hip hop and funk.

2am Afterhours
1144 Broadway, Denver, 303-832-8628

The beauty of this place is exactly what the name suggests: It's open after 2 a.


m., when every other bar is closing. Actually, the exact hours are Saturdays from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. It's sitting among all the other clubs south of Colfax, so it's easy to stumble in.

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and The Other Side
2637 Welton Street, Denver, 303-297-1772

As far as atmosphere goes, Cervantes is a best bet in Denver. They're low on attitude, and the music goes beyond just something to dance to. In addition to the DJs, the club books live hip hop, funk, soul and more. There are two adjacent venues under the Cervantes name -- Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and The Other Side -- so there's usually more than one show going on. The only downside is that getting in usually means buying a ticket, rather than paying a small cover charge.

Club Vinyl
1082 Broadway, Denver, 303-860-8469

This place is huge. There are four floors, each with its own dance floor and different music playing. Tuesdays are 18+ and with a college ID, you can get in for free if you're over 21 and for $5 otherwise. Wednesdays feature electro static and bass, Thursdays are reggae-heavy, and Fridays are Latin nights. Otherwise, they're mostly spinning Top 40, hip hop and R&B.

The Church
1160 Lincoln St., Denver, 303-832-3528

Yes, this club is in church -- an old cathedral, to be specific. So the setting is definitely the main draw here. The music every Sunday night is goth and industrial. Other than that, it's the standard club fare of Top 40, hip hop, R&B and Latin.