Boulder found itself at the top of yet another list, as it was named the most creative city in America by the Daily Beast.

According to its ranking of the 20 most creative cities in the U.S., released today, the Daily Beast said that "with its slew of high tech start-ups and innovative green companies, Boulder tops the list." The list also cited the presence of the University of Colorado and Boulder's ranking as one of Amazon's most "well-read" cities in 2012.

The Daily Beast examined three aspects of a city to determine the rankings, which it called the "three Ts": technology, talent and tolerance

Technology was measured in "the ability to create new ideas and inventions and high-tech companies," talent by "the skilled, ambitious, and talented people who generate new ideas and create new companies," and tolerance "in the nonjudgmental environment that attracts open-minded and new-thinking kinds of people across the board," according to the magazine.

San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and San Diego rounded out the top five. No other Colorado cities were ranked in the top 20.

View the entire list here.