Alcohol resources

Learn more about the University of Colorado's policies and resources for alcohol use and abuse at . Students also can call the CU Helpline at 303-492-1000 or visit . For information on the CU Counseling and Psychological Services' Oasis sober-lifestyle program, visit .

Be a Good Samaritan

The University of Colorado's Good Samaritan Provision was created in 2004 in response to freshman Gordie Bailey's alcohol-poisoning death.

This provision allows that whenever a student assists an intoxicated individual in procuring the assistance of local or state police, CU night security, residential life staff or medical professionals, neither the intoxicated person nor the person who assists will be subject to formal university disciplinary actions (such as probation, suspension in abeyance, suspension, or expulsion) with respect to the alcohol incident.


L ook, college students drink.

It's a stage in life. It's a right of passage. Life is a... a... party!

The important thing to remember with this newfound freedom from the lengthy grasp from the parents' claws is: Be responsible.


The University of Colorado agrees. The City of Boulder agrees. Your peers agree. Your bones agree (keep them intact).

Last thing we all need is to bail you out of jail, dig you out of an alcohol stupor or shovel you off the sidewalk.

At CU, student safety is paramount, and campus officials have many resources for remaining safe -- and reporting a problem partier anonymously.

On that note... let's drink!

According to my calculations, there are three types of drinkers out there. Read, absorb and choose your own adventure. Just don't mess up everyone else's adventure or we'll give you a swift kick in the ass.


Boy are you kids in luck.

In the 1995 hit "Dumb and Dumber," Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) calls Aspen, Colo., "a place where the beer flows like wine."

Maybe not necessarily Aspen, but Boulder houses a large chunk of craft brewers where out-of-staters flock to taste the liquid gold (and black -- we haven't forgotten Stout Month). Most brew houses have tours and tap rooms where the freshest sip is just a Hop, Skip or Jump away. (See what I did there? Boulder transit routes, laymen.)

Boulder keeps expanding its craft trade, and the affordable, artfully made brews are way better than a Colt 25 or a PBR.

A few facts for you beer lovers:

--Neighboring Denver is called "the Napa Valley of beer"

--Colorado is home to 139 established breweries (and counting)

--Colorado is No. 4 in the country in number of brewpubs and craft breweries

--Source: The Beer Institute, The Brewers Association



When we think wine, we think grapes. When we think grapes, we think France, Napa Valley -- not dry ol' Colorado.

But guess what? Not only does this state shine in pure sun more than 300 days a year, but we've got some sweet ass mountain water runoff that tastes fresher than your organic kale.

Since Colorado wine is trumped hardcore by craft beer, our wineries have the creativity and flexibility to mix random fruits -- like apples, peaches and cherries -- to stand out from those boring old grapes.

The western slope -- where most of Colorado's grapes are grown -- is our own little Napa Valley, near Grand Junction and Palisade.

Boulder houses a handful of wineries and tasting rooms, so go get your Chardonnay on. I just said that.



Beer trumps wine in this state, but beer and wine trump spirits.

Poor whiskey. Poor vodka.

Poor nothing!

Colorado is home to about a dozen distilleries -- many of which are becoming national favorites (like Stranahan's Whiskey).

Boulder itself houses 303 Vodka and Roundhouse Spirits. How does a spiked cocoa or a vodka root beer float with whipped cream sound?

Um. Awesome.


So, whatever booze you choose, as long as you're responsible, let your taste buds lap up the Colorado goods.