If you go

What: Molly Williams and Whiskey Autumn

When: 8 p.m. tonight

Where: Nod & Rose, 1220 Spruce St., Boulder, 303-442-2322

Cost: free

More info: shopnodandrose.com

In November 2012, we wrote about the opening of Nod & Rose, a boutique run by music-loving husband-and-wife team Nod Norkus and Elizabeth Rose. There was promise of live music and they didn't break it.

Tonight, in a customer appreciation event, local singer/songwriter Molly Williams and folk rockers Whiskey Autumn will play in-store (and yes, there will be drinks). We chatted with Williams and Whiskey Autumn's Greg Laut.

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Molly Williams:

So how did you end up playing at Nod & Rose?

I actually work right next to the store. I work at the salon and Nod & Rose opened in November, so I started going in and I would buy lots of earrings and jewelry or whatever. And I went in probably about a month ago and they said, 'you should play here,' so we set a date.

Tell me about yourself and the music.

I'm from L.A., originally. I came out here to change my scenery and leave California for a bit. I wanted to experience the seasons and snow ... I recently started playing shows here, the first one was in November ... I'm really happy that it's been working out and I've had four shows this month. I'm trying to keep doing four shows a month.


I love performing. It's a really great experience for me. It's really comfortable. I love seeing people's reactions. I love seeing that people can actually relate to the feelings that I'm talking about and experience what I'm talking about.

I'd probably say I'm an alternative indie artist and I'm more on the singer/songwriter side because I play piano. I've been compared to Regina Spektor and Phantogram .. I pride myself in that. Regina Spektor is a huge influence. I love her voice.

Are you working on a record?

I recorded about 10 songs over winter break. I'm just waiting right now for everything to go through the mixing and mastering process ... I'll be releasing a lot of singles, which is how like doing it because people can take time with each song.

Greg Laut:

Playing at a new place like Nod & Rose must be exciting.

I haven't really been there, so I'm excited to see it. It's definitely the first time we've ever played in a clothing store, so this should be cool.

You play No Name Bar and the Laughing Goat a lot. It seems like that sort of room suits the band.

We've been lucky enough to play those rooms quite a bit lately and we're trying to get into other rooms.

Are you working on anything new?

We're currently working on recording our new record ... The debut was mostly just me and one other guy at the time, and he moved away and was no longer in the group ... I just finished writing all the new songs. I think in a week or two (drummer) Garrett (Aman) is going to start recording.

What's it like working with the new band members?

It's pretty exciting because it's kind of a departure from what the first album was. It was pretty stripped-down folk music. The core of that is still there, but it's more rock, with electric guitar and all, so it's going to be a more full sound.