Some see George Frazier as just the type of guy any coach would want on a football team.

He's big and athletic with the ability to run, catch and even throw the ball and he's selfless enough to be willing to play a dying position at fullback.

Others might see Frazier as misguided. After all, he wants to get to the NFL like every other guy in major college football. So why is he trying to get there from a position more and more college and pro teams are devaluing?

"It might be a fading art," Frazier said. "When you look at the teams in the Pac-12, there is not that much fullback actually ran in the Pac-12. You see it here and there, but our coaching staff, they like to have a little bit of everything. They want to have a fullback. They want to be able to spread out. They want to do everything and right now I feel like we're on the right path towards being able to do everything."

Frazier scored a touchdown diving over a pile on a short run in last weekend's CU scrimmage. He gives the Buffs an imposing presence in the backfield at 6-foot-2, 245 pounds. He's hoping to make return trips to the end zone repeatedly this season when he will make his college debut as a redshirt freshman.

He says he doesn't mind if he's the one holding the ball when the Buffs punch it in the end zone or if he is helping the teammate who is holding the ball.

"As long as we get in there, I'm happy," Frazier said.

Frazier, who played quarterback at times during his high school career, missed all of Colorado's 15 spring practices in March and April after suffering a knee injury in winter conditioning. He said he's back to 100 percent now.


Frazier will be in games often this season because his versatility gives coaches options. He has the ability to catch balls out of the backfield and also has the skills to line up as a tight end or H-back if needed, not to mention his blocking ability for running backs.

"He's a really physical guy," running backs and tight ends coach Klayton Adams said. "He's really smart, kind of a guy who doesn't need a lot of reps to do something right. Being the way that our group is set up, you've got basically three position groups in there so even if he hasn't taken a rep at something, sometimes I'll ask him and he'll know because he sits in the meeting."

Frazier might not always be the first name coaches call at fullback because junior Christian Powell can also play the position when he's not running the ball as a tailback. Frazier is also competing with junior fullback Jordan Murphy.

Frazier said regardless of who is on the field, he believes the Buffs have put in the work to be much improved in the running game this season. An offseason spent emphasizing it, especially running in the red zone has given the Buffs more confidence in what they're doing and how to go about it.

"We're getting a lot better, we're a lot more physical," Frazier said. "Coaches have a lot of drills, that are primarily red zone-type drills. They tell you to come out, run hard, run through people. I feel like we're getting a lot better at that."

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