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Let's face it. Sitting outside, sun on your face and a breeze through your hair is great. But add a burger or beer or beloved cocktail (if you're old enough) to that equation, and you have perfection.   Full Story
Zak Wood
It's 1:30 a.m. and you're writing that 10-page you've put off until the last second. But you're hungry, and you can't think when you're hungry.   Full Story
As this publication's nightlife columnist, I'm ashamed to say my drink-mixing abilities consist of vodka-lemonade-daiquiri combo or cracking open a beer.   Full Story
Broke and hungry Buffs: we're here for you. The rigors of college have you in class and studying in the library all day with your stomach barking for food, but you don't have the money to take yourself out to a nice seafood dinner.   Full Story
Jeremy Papasso
In the past year, a surprising number of new breweries have popped up in Boulder and are already making a foam-covered splash.   Full Story
You can find all of your favorite breakfast foods in Boulder -- burritos, omelets, skillets, pancakes and French toast. These restaurants will fill you up and send you on your way, good as new.   Full Story
The sandwich has to be one of the best inventions ever. And with a colossal selection of delis, Boulder offers cheap and tasty eats of nearly every combination imaginable.   Full Story
For people who are more of the latte art persuasion, Boulder has a number of java offerings beyond the Starbucks standard. From Baseline to Pearl and beyond, each shop has its own personality and feel, in addition to their varied offerings.   Full Story
Just because you don't eat meat doesn't mean you have less money to spend! The restaurant industry has definitely figured that out, and most of them now offer at least a few options for non-meat eaters.   Full Story
Colorado Daily file photo/Jonathan Castner
Rest assured, poor students -- it's possible to sample some of the city's best without breaking the bank.   Full Story
Jeremy Papasso
Most Boulder eateries have a handful of healthy items, but here are a few that specialize in fueling the body right.   Full Story
For all those burger snobs out there, a nice, big juicy, gourmet burger for a reasonable price can be hard to find. But Boulder's got 'em.   Full Story
It's been a long day and all you want is a light, fun snack that will instantly make you feel better.   Full Story
Jeremy Papasso
There are some quintessential college experiences all must have. Like sprinting for an exam you almost slept through.   Full Story
Let's talk starving student's dream here: lunch for less than $10 with enough leftovers to fill the belly for dinner.   Full Story
Greg Lindstrom
When it comes to Colorado, no, there aren't plenty of fish in the sea. We're landlocked, people. But that little barrier thankfully doesn't mean there isn't great sushi in town.   Full Story
Jeremy Papasso
Everyone loves pizza, and if you don't you're probably a nihilist. (No offense to nihilists. That's cool.)   Full Story
Courtesy photo
O ne of these days, dear Buffs, you'll run into our Alexandra Sieh while she's out doing field research for her Boulder at Night column.   Full Story
B oulder is a college town, which means we do a bit of boozing. However, if you're not of legal drinking age quite yet, if you don't have a taste for alcohol or you are not the largest fan of bruising your liver, Boulder has some great virgin beverages for you to try.   Full Story
Phil McMichael
Eating a greasy burger or a large pizza sometimes sounds like a much better idea than... not doing that. Local experts say that eating healthy is important -- and that even things like said greasefests can fit in, if you do it right.   Full Story