Drivers headed to Boulder on U.S. 36 may have found that on some areas of the highway, it isn't always clear where they're supposed to be.

As construction proceeds to widen U.S. 36, a stretch of the Boulder-bound turnpike between the Sheridan Boulevard and Church Ranch Boulevard exits features an extra set of white dashed lane lines. Crews altered the lane to allow for the construction, but the original lines weren't fully painted over -- leading to a potentially confusing situation for drivers.

Colorado Department of Transportation officials said Wednesday the lanes were supposed to be restriped before the new year, but cold weather and snow have pushed those plans back.

"We are aware this needs to be fixed," said Mindy Crane, a spokeswoman for CDOT. "We are working on it and will get it fixed if the weather allows."

Crane said CDOT is planning a major traffic realignment in that area later this week if the weather allows, and the lane lines will be restriped and more clearly marked.

"That whole area will be fixed," Crane said.

She said CDOT officials are not aware of any accidents or problems caused by the multiple sets of lane lines, but she added that with concrete barriers also in place, drivers should take caution while navigating through the construction area.

"Any time you are going through a construction area, follow the posted speed limit and don't be distracted," Crane said.

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